Are you new to Internet marketing for your MLM business? If so, here are three of the top cardinal “rookie mistakes” that get made. Avoiding these can save you tons of time, money and frustration!

1. Internet Marketing For MLM “Rookie Mistake” #1 – Using Offline Marketing Strategies Online: The unfortunate reality is that most new network marketers are taught very outdated and ineffective marketing techniques to build their downline and their business. You are probably very familiar with the drill — make your “list of 100” friends and family, buy tons of company marketing materials like DVDs and product samples, and hand out business cards to any stranger you can get to take them. All in all, these are all techniques that are meant to be used offline (in person).

So when many network marketers first start to try and use Internet marketing for their MLM business, they immediately attempt to do an online version of these offline marketing strategies. Even assuming these techniques could be at all effective offline, they absolutely don’t translate well to marketing online. The “game” for Internet marketing for an MLM business is completely different than it is for marketing an MLM offline. So you need to be able to clear your mind of practically everything you’ve been taught when you go to start doing Internet marketing for your MLM business.

2. Internet Marketing For MLM “Rookie Mistake” #2 – Marketing To Everyone: This second “rookie mistake” is related somewhat to the first one. In the traditional “offline” techniques that are taught, people are taught to pass out their business cards and talk about their business to anyone they can get to listen — in other words, to expose their business to any and every stranger on the street. There is no “targeting” of certain people.

When it comes to Internet marketing for your MLM business, targeting essentially everyone is a REALLY ineffective strategy and, frankly, a strategy you want to avoid like the plague. Besides the fact that it does not work well, at its best it is going to take way more time and money than is necessary to reach your objectives.

The truth is that targeting — i.e., putting your message ONLY in front of certain groups of people — is a cornerstone of successful Internet marketing for an MLM business. Specifically, you only want to put your message in front of people who are already predisposed to buy your product. So, for example, if you are marketing a health and wellness product that helps with weight loss, then you want to phrase your message and only target people who are already looking for solutions to help them lose weight.

3. Internet Marketing For MLM “Rookie Mistake” #3 – Trying To Be A “Jack Of All Trades”: The third cardinal “rookie mistake” made by newbies to Internet marketing for MLM businesses is that they try to be a “jack of all trades” in terms of generating traffic. With the best of intentions, a lot of people new to Internet marketing for their MLM will attempt to implement every type of traffic generation all at once. This will backfire on you virtually every time.