Internet Marketing for newbies can be a scary experience! With so much information to take in and process it can become a little overwhelming at times.

Here I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions that most newbie internet marketers ask. Hopefully this will help most beginner marketers understand internet marketing (IM) a little better and hopefully clear up some of the confusion they may be experiencing.


What Is Internet Marketing?

IM is basically the marketing of services or products over the internet. There are many different types of IM business models that you can apply to make a successful living online.

How Do I Become A Successful Internet Marketer?

To become successful at this business you have to work hard! The key is to learn and take action on what you have learnt. Choose a particular model of IM that you like and dedicate yourself to learning one model at a time. Once you perfect one type of internet marketing and see the cash starting to flow into your bank account then you can broaden and expand your business by learning other models. The key to your success at making money online through marketing is really up to you!

Can I Make A Living Online From IM?

The simple answer is YES! Many people from all walks of life are making a great living online. If you dedicate yourself 100% to learning and implementing your knowledge into your IM business campaigns then there is no reason why you can’t make a great living online too!

What Types Of Online Marketing Are There?

There are many types of IM models. Some of the most popular are Affiliate Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Article Marketing, Email Marketing just to name a few.

What’s The Most Popular Type/Model For Internet Marketing?

The most popular type/model for IM is Affiliate marketing. This model involves you becoming an affiliate (someone who markets/promotes a product or service) for a vendor (someone who owns the product or service). In affiliate marketing you as the affiliate pre-sells the vendor’s product/service via a campaign or website. You drive targeted visitors firstly to your site, you provide valuable content and promotions of your vendor’s product/service on your site and then also provide affiliate links for your visitors to click through to your vendor’s site. Once your visitors visit the vendor’s site and buy the product/service you make a commission off that sale.

This method is very popular due to the fact that the affiliate marketer doesn’t have to worry about any extra responsibilities apart from driving targeted traffic to the vendor’s site. It is then up to the vendor to provide the extra responsibilities of customer service and care, product creation and updating, shipping of items etc.

Also due to the vendor not having any substantial overheads or advertising costs (because you as the affiliate are doing all the advertising for them) you usually get paid quite a high percentage of the sale cost (this mainly applies to digital items such as e-books, website memberships etc).