Internet Marketing Is Internet Marketing – Blogs -Websites – And Everything Else Applies

Internet Marketing is definitely an ever changing landscape – and many times things change without notice or before the larger percentage of us even know its changing. Keeping up with the changes is 1 vital part of staying relevant – but taking advantage of these changes BEFORE they happen or at least when they happen will put out in front of the larger percentage of marketers.

And the increase in blog popularity is, without a doubt one of these changes we must take advantage of.

Internet Marketing For Your Blog

I often am asked, whats the difference in internet marketing for blogs -and internet marketing for websites? And in all reality, there are very few difference’s, if you ask me. Both require quality content – lot’s of traffic, quality backlinks and a lot of other marketing strategies that apply to all types of sites on the internet.

But blog’s are different than your average website- see, the blog’s are interactive by the actual blog reader’s and can be changed by the blog reader’s comments and other types of blog interaction. And its THAT type of difference that can change the way we use Internet Marketing for our blog’s.

So the difference’s in blog’s and their interactive style can be used to market them differently – and a lot more effectively. Here are some unique methods that can be used to market your weblog, as well as SEO strategies:

Comments – Getting more comments is a great way to bolster your blogs rankings- as well as giving your blog an authoritative look and feel.
Connect With Other WeBlogs – Blogging communities are very unique compared to websites – sharing links with similar blog’s and blog rolls is another way to market your blog effectively.
Use FREE Blogs – Another great attribute of blog marketing, is the huge number of free blogs that we can use to market products, ourselves and other blogs. A lot of times we can even test a market with our free blogs and simple article marketing strategies to see if we have something worth going after. Free blog’s are the only free sites that actually have a chance of getting ranked – no free websites ever get ranked on Google for anything relevant.
Blogs Get Ranked FAST! – Yep, without a doubt, blog’s get ranked so much faster than websites. That is one of the more amazing features of blog marketing. Even free weblog’s have legitimate ranking ability – and this ability to get ranked and INDEXED quickly actually give’s the link’s that come from free Weblog’s a lot more weight than other links.
Similar Internet Market Strategies

Of course, when it come’s to internet marketing, a lot of the same rules still apply. We still need to use articles, press releases, video’s and more.

But blog’s were created years ago for different reason’s than your standard website. A Blog (Web Log) was simply a unique form of singular expression that was used by a single person as a way to share viewpoint’s, idea’s and opinion’s. Less about selling or marketing- and more about idealistic viewpoints.