There are many advantages to having a home network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business. It’s a great solution for stay at home moms who want to earn extra money, people who have given up looking for jobs, active retirees and those with part-time jobs who can’t make ends meet. If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering if a home network marketing business is right for you.

For people who have been in sales, have worked with the public in retail situations or have had customer service experience you will probably understand what the term “attention marketing” means. You have an advantage over many who have not been selling in these situations. People you cultivated good relationships with may well have always asked for you when they needed to buy something else. Why was that? Because you took the time to help them, and through building a relationship with them they learned to trust you and your judgment.

Even if you’re employed doing odd jobs, at some point you may have advised a householder that she needed to purchase something. She knew you, trusted you and probably told you to go ahead and purchase the item. You may have made a few extra dollars doing that. That basically is attraction marketing. But how do you translate that into the online world?

You will have to build a website if you’re going to be building a network marketing business online. The way you implement attraction marketing online is the same as off-line – you build relationships, and you get people to trust you. It’s difficult at first but quite possible especially if you learn how to integrate your business into the world of social networking on places like Facebook. As a social network, you use marketing tactics a little differently- the whole idea is that you build relationships with people, perhaps by joining a relevant Facebook Group and offer people advice and help relating to your product. You do not just jump in and start trying to convince everybody that your product is the best thing on the planet! You will probably be totally ignored.

Attraction marketing is not about selling primarily, it’s about helping people with their problems. It’s hard to get your head around this concept at first but it’s just like off-line sales. The best way to go about this is to write useful and informative articles and post them regularly on your website; the use of video is probably the most important tool you can use in attraction marketing. Why? Because people will see and hear you alongside your product. You set yourself up as an expert, and people grow to trust you.

By participating on blogs that are relevant to the product you’re selling, you will not only gain valuable backlinks to your site, but you will also cultivate relationships with others in the business.

Marketing is the most important word in the terms “network marketing” and “multi-level marketing”. Marketing is everything, otherwise your sweet little website will be like a grain of sand on a very large beach – nobody will find it. Consequently you won’t sell anything and you will never be able to recruit people into your downline team.

If you’re really seriously thinking about network marketing, the bad news is that at least 90% of people fail at it. Very often they are too lazy to put in the enormous amount of work that it takes to build a successful business, or they simply do not understand how to market their business effectively.

There are a multitude of courses on the Internet that you could buy to learn more about Internet marketing, but beware – there are also a multitude of very poor courses out there, written and created by people who only want to get your money.

Conversely there are a number of extremely useful courses you could take and learn a lot from. Carry out extensive research before you buy one. You should keep running across certain names in the business, make a list of these names and investigate further.

The best courses are written by successful network marketers who make high six or seven figure incomes every year – they have written that course to help newcomers to the industry, and not to make money. You can buy a number of excellent network marketing courses and you shouldn’t pay more than $50 for one. That $50 mostly goes to cover the expenses of making the videos, producing the graphics in the advertising, marketing, and the cost and paying commissions to affiliates who sell the courses. If the course you attempted to buy cost substantially more than $50 then you know the person producing it doesn’t want to help you, he wants to help himself to your hard-earned cash! Be particularly wary of any network marketing courses that have the words “easy” or that claim you can be making a huge amount of money within a couple of weeks. It’s a downright lie.

Network marketing involves an incredible amount of hard work and if you’re not prepared to commit to work on your business at least 10 or more hours a week, then you’re not going to get anywhere with it. That’s the whole sad fact about it, it’s a business, and business means work.

Read as much as you can online about network marketing, how to build a website properly and look at all the avenues you can explore for marketing your website and your business effectively.