Keno Game Basic Rules

You might have seen people playing keno on your Instagram feed and wondered, “that looks kinda cool!”. Well, it is pretty cool, which is why keno is one of the most well-known gambling games. Try it out on the best online casinos in Canada!

But, it often gets harder for beginners to understand the basic rules of keno. And when you don’t know the rules, how are you going to enjoy the game? So, we have jotted down the basic rules of this game just to make things a little easier for you. Let’s get right into it and find out all about the keno game’s basic rules! 

Top 5 Rules of Playing Keno Game 

It is really important to adhere to the rules while playing keno. Or else, you can risk losing the game. And when gambling, it really isn’t fun to lose. Go through all the below-given rules and make sure to follow them when you play the game. These rules will help you stay on the right track and improve your game. So, let’s start with the first one:

  1. Selection 

To start the keno game, you have to select at least 4 or a maximum of 10 numbers from 1 to 80. You cannot select a number higher than 80. These selected numbers are called spots. Make sure to pick the numbers very wisely. 

These numbers will later be marked on the tickets and will decide whether you win the game or not. However, you cannot do much in it because the game itself is all about luck. But what you can do is stick to the rules and have fun playing. 

  1. Matching Numbers 

It is a rule to never ignore matching numbers. If you got matching numbers, it would mean that you would get a greater payout. Keep an eye on the matching numbers in case you get them. It will also increase your chance of winning the game. 

If you have 10 spots and 2 of them match with the announced numbers, it means you have hit a jackpot. So, make sure to always pick more numbers initially. They increase your chances of winning the game. 

  1. Ticket Numbers 

People often don’t pay attention to the numbers on tickets, but they are very important. The ticket numbers are responsible for deciding who is going to win the game. So, make sure to pay attention to these numbers.

Once you pick a ticket, you will have to mark it with a number of your choice. This number will be imprinted right there on your ticket. The dealer will announce a random number, and you have to match it with your ticket number. 

If the number that is announced matches your ticket number, you win. You will also get a pretty huge payout. But if the numbers don’t match, you ain’t gonna get anything. So, it is more or less about luck. 

  1. Minimum Bet

There are a lot of options for minimum bets online now, and you can bet for as low as 5 cents. But in most casinos, bets start from $1 usually. So, it depends upon the casino or the online game itself what is the minimum bet. 

  1. The Payout

Payout is pretty great in most cases because you can even win $50,000 in most cases. People have also won more than that by betting just $1. So, it is all about luck. The money you win also depends upon the tickets. 

If you buy a special ticket, you are bound to win more money. If you book more spots and choose more numbers, you have a high chance of winning. Also, there is no limit on how many tickets you should play. So, you can play as many as you want as it increases your chances of winning and spending instead of working in agriculture


Keno might seem like a simple game, but it is very nerve-wracking. The odds of winning in keno are pretty low if you are only playing with the minimum number of spots. So, make sure to follow all the above-given rules and make the game a little easier for you. 

You can always win a jackpot in the game by increasing your odds of winning and by investing in special tickets. But, keno is mainly about fun. So, make sure that you have fun while playing this game. 

Have a great day!