Internet Marketing is also called by names like i-marketing, e-marketing, web – marketing, or online-marketing. So don’t get confused unnecessarily. Distances do not matter anymore, one is now able to get instant responses via internet, and eliciting these responses is the unique quality of this medium of communication. Marketing today is not just the domain of shopkeepers, internet gives opportunities through emails. Wireless services are now available to the seekers and promoters of this kind of marketing. Electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) and digital customer data is related to this kind of marketing.

Marketing online is much cheaper. Firms looking out for marketing outlet for their products seek the help of Internet Marketing Companies. It is up to these companies to launch the product for sale in the market with their efficient strategic localized approach. Local small business houses seek these companies as the cost of advertising proves to be less, and at the same time via this channel a wider audience is exposed to their product. Electronic media paves way for quicker results. The campaign launched depends for its effectiveness on business goals and last but not the least on cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis.

Local customers are out to seek Internet Marketing Services to bring their small business from a corner of a small market to the big marketing scene. Service providers provide packages for their customers. It is left up to the customer to choose from among these, the best suited to their particular requirements. Now what do these packages offer? Customers have to pay a small amount of $1000/ month to $5000/ month. Under the stipulated scheme you are allotted a number of pages, a number of local search engine marketing keywords, something called image optimization, few articles for online resource site, search engine’s analytics installation, organic link building, social media marketing. In six months the customer is provided with one special field on which the marketing will rely upon for a month, the second month will see stress laid upon another feature for furthering the product popularity and sale and so on.