Because business demand for local online marketing solutions has risen sharply in response to consumer demand for local business information online, many of the Internet marketing world’s “usual suspects” – in this case, notably Howie Schwartz and Kevin Wilke – have rolled out local online marketing training programs.

They claim that the information products they’ve developed – IM Leadership 2.0 and Local Business Money Machine, respectively – are designed to help students capitalize on a huge opportunity (which is described in Schwartz’s sales letter to be “Freakin’ Huge”) to meet this demand by applying what they’ve learned from previous information products they’ve purchased (from Schwartz, Wilke, and, likely, others) to the marketing plans and efforts of local businesses, whose owners, they say, know little or nothing about what’s possible with online marketing.

IM Leadershiip 2.0 and Local Business Money Machine Promos Make Outrageous Claims

There are many outrageous claims that are common to the sales letters and webinars that both Schwartz and Wilke have been using to promote IM Leadership 2.0 and Local Business Money Machine – among them:

You don’t need experience in the offline business world (this comes as no surprise as neither Schwartz or Wilke talks up track records of success in local online marketing, presumably because they don’t have one)
You don’t need a website (kind of ironic, don’t you think?)
It’s easy to get a local business’ website to rank well for geo-targeted keywords (if it ever was, that went out the window last week when Google launched a new search engine results page whose local search results are now the output of a ranking algorithm that is the consolidation of previously separate local and Web ranking algorithms)
Clients are easy to get and will be so grateful for what you can do for them that they’ll gladly pay you thousands of dollars every month just to stay on board as one of your clients (at least they appear to have scaled down the income projections that their other information products claim people can achieve)
Those are just a handful of the many outrageous claims made in the IM Leadership 2.0 and Local Business Money Machine marketing materials.

IM Leadership 2.0 and Local Business Money Machine Promos Are Long On Hype

The promotional content for Schwartz’s IM Leadership 2.0 and Wilke’s Local Business Money Machine are both – not surprisingly – long on hype and short on substance. Schwartz’s IM Leadership 2.0 sales letter is filled with “convincing” testimonials from people along with, in some cases, images of “actual” checks people supposedly received from businesses they claim to have consulted with after taking IM Leadership 2.0.