Careers in marketing are of a high profile type with many advantages. But they also require their own disadvantages. There are many ways in which you can ascend the steps to quickly become a highly paid and respected successful marketer. But there is one thing that you need to keep in mind regarding this.

The basic strategy is the same in all marketing jobs. There are three steps to this strategy. Firstly you have to produce a product or service. Then you have to identify the needs and desires of the customers. The third step involves your being able to punch those needs in your marketing strategy of the product or service. Now how you do this is up to you, which is why there are a lot of doors to marketing employment.

Job Profile

Jobs in marketing require you to take up a generic product or even a service and then designate a brand name to that product or service. Between the development of the product and its sale, is the marketing department. There are many departments in marketing. This includes sales strategy, media planning, public relations, advertising and the like.

The job of a marketing professional is not only to develop and manage brands; he is also in charge of enhancing those brands. The main reason to develop a brand is that customers do not get stuck with the high price of a product, but look beyond it, to its advantages. In fact, a good marketer would be able to create such a brand name for the product that people will look even beyond its functions. This can only be done if you understand the preferences, needs and even the constraints of a customer.

The customer is again defined by a target group or market niche that corresponds to the brand. How do you know which is the target group? This process is called market research. This is also the task of the marketer.


Marketing careers have unlimited growth potential. This is because this is one field which is required in every sector, in every company. No matter how small or big a company is, no matter what it sells, whether it is in the private or public sector; it will always require good marketers for its products and services.

There are many sectors which provide for excellent work in marketing.

• Market Research
• Brand Management
• Advertising
• Promotions
• Public Relations

People looking for careers in marketing can join any of these fields. However they will have to begin at the very base level, which might include an internship at a company or volunteer work for a sector. All of this goes really deep and helps you to build up marketing careers for future.

It is not necessary for a person to be a marketing graduate all the time. He can be a graduate from any discipline having excellent communication skills and ability to foresee problems and work out their solutions.