In this computer generation, making money can be done not just by working eight hours a day or investing for a business. Generating money is easier now through internet marketing. But what is internet marketing? It is a kind of marketing strategy that is done over the internet and other wireless media. It is also known as web or online marketing. In a broader sense, effective internet marketing includes the technical aspects of the internet especially in the development of advertising designs, layouts and generating sales.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Increasing sales and traffic to your website through internet marketing can be done in different strategies like display advertising, SEM, SEO, social media marketing, email, referral, affiliate and inbound marketing. How do these strategies work?

* In display advertising, driving traffic to your site can be done using web banners. These banner ads can be placed on another site that is called a third-party website. By doing this, people who frequently visit this website will become aware of your business products and services and by clicking on the banner ads, they will be directed to your own website. So better make your website very welcoming so that everyone who visits will become interested to read more about your business.

* Search engine marketing or SEM strategy focuses on promoting a website by making them visible in different search engine result pages or SERPs such as Google. This can be done through search engine optimization or SEO techniques.

*Search engine optimization or SEO improves a website’s visibility in search engines via natural search results-which means these results are unpaid not like in SEM where the placement of results can be paid.

* Social media marketing is a kind of internet marketing wherein gaining traffic for a website can be done in various social networking or media sites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and so on. This can be more convenient because these sites are accessible even via other electronic gadgets aside from computer.

* Email marketing is also a strategy. It is done by sending commercial messages to your prospect customers using email. These email messages can be business proposals, advertisement, or even simple messages that contain links to your business website.

* There is also an internet marketing strategy being done by promoting through referrals. This is known as referral marketing in which products and services are being promoted to other customers by an already existing customer. Oftentimes, the company gives the referrer a commission for every purchase done by the person being referred.

*Affiliate marketing works like referral marketing. The difference is that in this kind of internet marketing, you do not have to be a customer but an affiliate. Businesses pay an affiliate for every visitor this person can invite to their websites. Meaning, this affiliate must have his own domain website where he can post the ads or links to those businesses’ websites or must make his own marketing effort.