For manufacturers, developing an online presence is more than important. In today’s world, more than 90% of industrial buyers search the Internet for the manufacturers from which they will purchase. This means that you need to have an online presence in place to ensure that those industrial buyers find your site, rather than your competitors. Manufacturing Internet marketing is the best way to ensure that this scenario actually plays out the way that you want.

What is manufacturing Internet marketing? Simply put, it is online marketing geared toward the needs of manufacturing companies. This should be considered distinct from traditional online marketing, which is geared toward entrepreneurs and retailers – those dealing with end consumers in most instances. As a manufacturer, your needs are very specific and you need to make sure that your Internet marketing program meets those needs. What should a manufacturing Internet marketing plan offer you, though?

Beyond website creation and search engine optimization of the site itself, a good manufacturing Internet marketing program will consist of some specific key factors. One of these will be building backlinks. Backlinks are very valuable, as they help to determine your ultimate page rank. Of course, those backlinks need to be located on relevant pages. For instance, if you manufacture high quality rubber components, then linking back to your site from a company that sells DVDs is really not going to be beneficial. You need relevant links from others within your vertical market. This helps Google spiders index and rank your page correctly.

Another important component of a manufacturing Internet marketing program is targeted marketing through social media and other online marketing methods (direct email marketing, newsletter marketing, etc.). Targeted marketing offers some significant advantages over mass marketing, as it leads to a higher flow of targeted traffic. This means that those website visitors have a better chance of converting into customers than if you were to use mass marketing methods. Conversion of visitors to customers is the entire point of your website, after all.

Of course, this implies that you know where your prospects are located. Once upon a time, you could find those prospects at tradeshows or through catalogs. However, the story is much different today. An important part of a successful manufacturing Internet marketing program is identifying where your prospects are online and what search terms they are using to find products similar to yours. This will allow you (or your marketing provider) to develop a specific strategy to market via search engine optimization, as well as through PPC ads, article marketing and other methods.

The most important thing to realize here is that going it alone is certainly not going to work out in your favor. The immense competitiveness of the online environment means that you need an expert marketing firm on your side, one that knows how to target your prospects and get them to your website. Working with an expert manufacturing Internet marketing company is the single best way to boost your success, both online and off.