Market America And The UnFranchise Opportunity

Market America is a large network marketing company that has been in business for 19 years, and now offers a popular online shopping portal with an endless variety of brand name products. Partnering with some 3,500 big-name stores such as Home Depot and WalMart, Market America offers shopping convenience and variety with cash back on brand name purchases. The number of stores partnering with Market America is increasing every day, and with the acquisition of, the number of new online customers has sky rocketed!

Market America’s huge online buying market seems ready to explode as consumers are attracted to the convenience and cash-back value on their every day purchases for which they are currently receiving no discount.

Market America also offers an “UnFranchise” opportunity in which anyone can become a distributor of their products. The “UnFranchise” is described as being similar to a regular franchise, where you are selling brand name products with a reproducible system. However, unlike a regular franchise, fees are considerably smaller, typically $600 – $1000 start-up fee. Distributors are paid based on products they personally buy and from sales made by their down-lines. These sales build credits in both their business volume (BV) and incentive business volume (IBV) streams.

In a time where it can be argued that customer convenience and service are rare with traditional shopping, Market American offers both with the ever growing variety of products and convenient shipping services right to your door, all the while offering cash back. It is easy to see how consumers would be attracted to this concept.

Online Network Marketing Takes Your Business to the Internet

Imagine, putting this concept in front of the vast, world-wide online shopping public! Imagine getting unending FREE leads that can’t wait to share their cash-back deals with friends and family! Imagine the unending entrepreneurs out there that recognize the huge potential of an online network marketing business and want to be a part of your ever-growing team! The revenue-generating potential of this concept is limitless and online network marketing can make it happen.

If you are already a Market America “UnFranchise” owner, you are aware of its huge revenue generating potential. However, if you are only using traditional marketing methods and have not yet experienced the power of leveraging technology, you may be severely limiting your potential. You may have gone through your warm market of friends and family, only to realize the difficulty in selling to a cold market. Online network marketing can help you convert that cold market and take your business to a whole new level.

Online network marketing can help grow your Market America “UnFranchise” business exponentially by putting this winning concept in front of an unprecedented number of online shoppers, just itching to buy into the convenience and the great cash-back deals. It can automatically produce the next generation of leads that you need to keep your business alive and well. It can help funnel a huge traffic volume of shoppers through your website, to get your BV and IBV credits to soar.

Online network marketing can also provide you with the key entrepreneurs you need to expand your Market America “UnFranchise” exponentially. With a teachable and easily reproducible system that works, and is supported by an expert team, you will be able to recruit and train entrepreneurs like yourself, who recognize the huge revenue potential of owning an online network marketing business.