Market Samurai (MS) has been on the market for a short time, and thus still remains fairly new. That’s because so few people know about it – and there even fewer people who understand it.

Because MS is so very involved, I won’t try to delve too deeply into its mysteries here, but at least let me give you a grand portrait of its innards. You won’t understand everything – I still don’t – but you owe it to your business at least to know what it can do for you, and you will get a short course in Internet Marketing too.

What is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is a marketing analysis tool. While the description might be simple, you can believe me when I tell you that the product is not. It is very involved and very powerful, but that is just what makes this product so great.

This is one of the rare products for which power and complication complement each other. Normally we want to keep it simple, but for any user of Market Samurai who has the required background to make real use of it- the power that it offers is very welcome.

For the newbie, there are preset marketing profiles that help you to target valuable keyword in your niche, but this is of course, only the beginning. For the experienced marketer who understands the data, and how to use it to take a pulse on the market, this tool can be your way to real profitability.

Either, newbie or pro, you just can’t afford to be without the information offered by Market Samurai. It really is the current “killer app” for internet marketing.

Keyword Analysis

Let’s start where all Internet marketing starts: The Keyword. Every marketer in the business more than two hours has heard the word. Only seasoned marketers, who have managed to endure the pain of raising an online marketing business has any idea what it really means.

REAL keyword research is what Marketing Samurai is all about. Keeping it simple, you choose a keyword, and Market Samurai accesses Google’s enormous and powerful databases to return you keyword alternatives. I found this function to be efficient, and I found it to be FAST.

Of course Market Samurai also offers powerful features to permit you to filter out keywords, use negative keywords, and in general to shape your keyword structure. Once my structure was developed, MS analyzed the structure with a mouse click.

It offered up everything I usually find in the Google AdWords tool, and a whole lot more, like the “Phase to Broad Ratio”, “Potential Daily Clicks” and even a trends graph indicating the monthly traffic trend for a particular keyword. That of course, is only a first pass analysis!

Another click of the mouse, and I was presented with any of 20 vital statistics, that detailed everything from what I’d pay for first place in Google AdWords, to the number of global pages that mention a specific keyword term. You can set min and/or max values to these statistics, and any keywords not in compliance for that statistic is filtered out. If you understand your intent, and have set these filters correctly, what you are left with is a few surviving keywords that are perfect for your intended purpose.

Out of five stars, I’d have to give keyword analysis the very highest rating. Rating = 5 stars.

SEO Competition Module

As if twenty statistics in the keyword module was not enough to analyze your competition, there is another whole module dedicated to the purpose.

The SEO Competition Modules let you compare your site in a unique color coded array that practically permits you to assess your strength relative to that of your of your competitors with just a glance. By punching in my own site, I was able to compare to the top 10 positions of the Google index. Reading the results is a snap. If your site is green, lots of red means you probably will never rank here for that keyword. The greener the competition is, the better your chances to snag that spot.

This module is easy to use, and the information is generated quickly with a single mouse button click. I can’t give this function less than five stars. What more could I ask for? Rating = 5 stars.

Find and Publish Content

This module offers you the ability to find content from popular article directories and publish them directly to your blog. You can call up you tube videos as well. You can search blogs for content, and even grab relevant material from Yahoo Answers.

Some material you can republish freely, while some is more valuable for use as a reference for building your own articles, but you are done hunting down ideas to write on for your blog. Now, when I have a dry week, I just grab a few of these freely republish-able articles, and push them to my blog with a click of the mouse. I can even schedule when the posts will be published. If you aren’t impressed by now, I don’t know how you manage it. I’m excited just writing about it.

I was a bit disappointed to find that I could not freely republish ALL of the sources that were offered in this module, and some that could be republished would not format for push to the blog without some wee adjustments.

Despite a fly in the appointment or two, though, this module worked extremely well. I’ll knock off a star, if you insist, but this module still beats anything else I have seen for providing access to vital content that you will need for your blog. Rating = 4 Stars.

Other Tools

Other tools include a “Rank Tracker” for keeping tabs on which keywords are working hardest for you. The keywords are listed along with their position and other stats of interest. There is a pro version of the tracker, but the version that comes along with the program has suited me thus far, and I am most happy with the results. Rating = 5 Stars.

There is also a “Promotion” module to help you get backlinks by finding quality sites to post to. Want some “.edu” backlinks? Click the mouse on “WordPress (edu/gov)”, make your selection from the list, and go make your posts. That’s all there is to it.

This module will require some work, as you have to go out and do the posting to obtain the backlinks, but unless you want to compare it to those scam products that fraudulently promise to automatically build back links for you, what else is there?

The module efficiently and quickly assembles resources on the kinds of links you want to obtain, and makes it easy for you to post there. I don’t demand any more than that. Rating = 5 Stars!

The “Domains” module helps keep you abreast of available domain names for sale in your niche. Offer a seed keyword and some other defining data – conveniently provided from the drop down boxes, and up pops a list of domains relevant to your niche. Select as many as you like, and when done, you can export the list, or even just buy them directly from the list.

I could not think of anything additional that I would have liked to see in this module. What it intends to do, it does, unless you want to argue if this module is required at all. I think it is. We need to remember that newbies will be using this tool, and we want to have modules that cater to their needs as well. This module does that very nicely. Rating = 5 stars.

The “Monetization” module is too involved to go into here, but as an affiliate marketer, you simply will LOVE it. You can select to “promote a product”, or “generate dynamic ads”, and from there Market Samurai proceeds to set up a Google AdSense account for your domain, for an Amazon Omakase ad, or what have you. All you need is an account, with an affiliate ID.

Had you chose to promote a product, you would have been given the option to enter your own product, or have the program select products from Amazon, Clickbank, or whatever, where you can edit things like the price min and max, the locale (U.S. or any other place) the department (books, maybe), commission min/max, well, you get the idea. This module does it all, and is especially useful to help ground and educate newbies. Rating = 5 stars.