First and foremost businesses must recognise that marketing is business development. Effective marketing is all about recognition and complete understanding of your target market and the environment of your potential customers.

There are no silver bullets or secrets for successful marketing. Do not be misled by marketing gurus that promote marketing secrets that can only be gained by attending their pricey workshops and seminars. Marketing principles are well known and established. What businesses need to do is achieve better marketing results by using direct response offers to promote and build their business.

In this article we will tackle three of the most difficult small business and medium enterprises marketing challenges, namely:

Finding new clients and customers
Using engaging marketing messages that generate results
Implementing business oriented marketing systems
Finding New Clients and Customers

The key to successfully using marketing to find new clients and customers is to recognise who your customers are. Let us look at four points to be able to gain this insight into your customers:

Who are your best customers?
What are your target customers buying motivations?
What are their purchasing or buying criteria?
What are their purchasing or buying cycles?
A comprehensive and intimate understanding of the answers to these questions will allow you to develop your ideal customer profiles. This knowledge allows your business to use appropriate marketing messages that are relevant and powerful. Allowing you to focus your marketing spend on a clearly defined target market for better marketing results.

As you progress your understanding of your potential clients and customers in your target markets, please do not overlook your existing clients and customers. Yes, it is absolutely vital to grow your business opportunities with new clients and customers. However your own client and customer database is a potential gold mine when you properly segment and communicate with these existing customers. Increase your business revenue from your own clients and customers by using the Recency-Frequency-Monetary segmenting method and communicating with them using direct response marketing techniques.

Engaging Marketing Messages That Generate Results

If you and your business truly want to achieve immediate and quantifiable marketing results then use direct response marketing offers. Do not engage in ‘feel good or hopeful’ marketing using purely branding and image building advertising. Most small business and medium enterprises simple cannot afford the very long-term and sustained expense in branding and image building advertising that only large corporations can truly afford. Small business and medium enterprises must build their brands and market image with effectively and consistent direct response marketing programs.

Businesses achieve engaging marketing messages that drives marketing results when they are familiar with the following factors:

Timing of your marketing messages with the buyers purchasing cycle
Using emotive language in your marketing messages
Providing powerful, compelling and relevant offers
Creating a sense of urgency in responding to your offers
Encouraging interaction with your ‘call to action’
You will have noticed I used the term “emotive language” in your marketing messages. This is crucial whether you are in a business to consumer (B2C) or in a business to business (B2B) situation as all your marketing message recipients at least for the foreseeable future are human beings driven by their emotions! In the consumer world their desires strongly influence their needs that drives their decisions to purchase your products and/or services. In the business world your marketing messages must appeal to both their ‘professional and personal’ desires.