This is a marketing delusion all business owners wish were true. Wouldn’t it be great to get huge results from marketing once in a while? Marketing does not work that way though, because familiarity with you and your business is critical to your target market choosing to buy your services. Developing that sense of familiarity among your prospects takes time and effort on your part. It also requires marketing consistency over time. Let’s take a look at why occasional marketing efforts cannot bring you huge results.

1. For prospects to develop trust in you and your business, they must be exposed to your business consistently.

Before a prospect will make the decision to become your client, they must trust you. They’re going to be giving you money for your services. Before they are willing to do that, they must decide that you are trustworthy. If you market only occasionally, that will not demonstrate to your prospects that you are a solid and reliable business. Sporadic marketing behavior is highly suggestive of a business that might not be around to deliver on its promises. That sort of marketing pattern can introduce subconscious doubts and fears into the mind of the prospect. They won’t buy what they don’t trust.

2. Marketing results – more clients and increased revenue – don’t happen overnight.

Marketing is a long-term effort. Each additional marketing activity adds to your marketing momentum. Without sustained effort, you never gain marketing momentum. Without momentum, you and your business never gain name recognition. In effect, no one knows who you are or what you do. You won’t get more clients and increase your revenue if your name is not known and your business understood.

3. You’re expecting prospects to buy from you without providing the information they need to know.

If you’re only marketing occasionally, there’s no way that information about your business is reaching your target market. Just because you are intimately familiar with your business doesn’t mean that anyone else is. It probably took you years to create the concepts for your business. How can you expect your target market to develop that same familiarity and understanding if you are not providing consistent opportunities for them to get to know what you do?

4. You won’t get good at marketing if you only do it once in a while.

If you don’t develop a level of marketing skill that brings results, you will entirely give up on marketing. Absence of marketing leads to absence of clients – and the death of your business. Marketing consistently teaches you what activities work for your business, as well as which don’t. It’s difficult to maintain a marketing plan when you have a “failure”, but a minor setback is no reason to give up on marketing your services. You need to understand that marketing for a particular business is a matter of trial and error, and not get disheartened at “failing”.

5. You get diminished results from occasional marketing, because it takes repeated exposures for your prospects to get to know your business.

If your prospects only hear about your business once in a while, they will pay little attention to it. You do not develop “buzz”. Even if you do get their attention when you do market, without sustained marketing, there is no sustained attention either. Prospects won’t remember you or think of your business, when they need the kind of services you sell. To be “top of mind” with your prospects, you must market regularly.

Don’t delude yourself that occasional marketing will or can bring you huge results. It’s not logical. What works is consistent, ongoing and dependably regular marketing. That’s what will pay off in huge results.