Success in marketing can be defined by two things. One – personal characteristics and traits like attitude, learning ability, etc.; and Second – the marketing job itself. Those who have any idea about a marketing job would surely testify to the fact that marketing jobs are way challenging and there is nothing called ‘monotonous’ that you could associate with it! The marketing scenario keeps on changing as per the customers’ preferences and then the global economy has a lot to do in terms of altering patterns in sales, advertising and surely – marketing!

Success in marketing can be stated as a very relative term with this varying from business to business and region to region. And with marketing, those are the local strategies that are the defining strategies of your business. There is nothing called a general marketing strategy that can be applied throughout the world – after generalization. The needs and demands of individuals (read: customers) keep on changing as one shifts from one region to another. A well known case to consider would be this:

Market Study vs. Market Research

Once a popular vehicle maker who did great business in the domestic market wanted to expand abroad and after some market studies, they zeroed in on a nation that would be their foreign sales destination and therefore improving their export figures. What happened afterwards was later deemed as a terrible mistake. What they had done is launched the same fuel-guzzling vehicles in a developing economy and the plan back-fired! The foreign country relied on vehicles just as a mode of transportation and looked no beyond that optimizing their trip. The launch of the foreign vehicles though was tempting, still was not accepted by the masses and the exports went down sharply.

This is a case of market study only. Had their marketing manager insisted on a complete market research based survey, this would never have happened! This case was decades ago when the ‘marketing’ concept was not that well developed. International companies are more cautious nowadays and rely on a comprehensive network of local help. Since you want to be successful at your marketing business, here are the keywords from what is mentioned above that you should build upon.

• Proper and comprehensive market research
• Local networks
• Ability to learn
• Marketing with creativity
• Marketing based on technology and then sales
• Good leading capability
• Driving the company to success

When in a marketing job, though there are huge prospects of personal growth, it is the company’s growth as a whole that defines your success. This is because in the end, you’re working for your employer and your work demands you to work for the betterment of the company as a whole. Marketing professionals have to be in the thick of things and should always pair up with sales and advertising teams to get optimum results.