In today’s environment many businesses are downsizing, re-prioritising their focus or expanding whilst trying to keep costs to a minimum. Outsourcing is a cost effective way to fulfil certain business functions. Outsourcing has become an essential aspect of business strategies and this includes the marketing department.

Outsourcing allows a business to put more focus on product development, operations and sales, usually where the business is strongest in. It eliminates the delay in needing to hire full-time staff and avoids tasking overworked staff.

So, why outsource your marketing?

Get the skill set you want. An alternative to outsourcing your marketing is hiring a dedicated marketing person. This person would look after the marketing on a day to day basis and ensure there is a constant focus. However as marketing today is so diverse finding someone that is an expert in all marketing disciplines, someone who can understand code to write a website, write copy, design your adverts, optimise your SEO and write a strategy is very rare, if not impossible to find. By outsourcing your marketing to freelancers or an agency you can get the combined minds of experts
Reduce overheads. By outsourcing to experts you don’t need to hire an individual or team for a specific project or ongoing marketing activity. That way you don’t bear the hidden costs of recruiting, training, furnishing an office, holiday pay, sick pay and employee benefits. Salary is just a fraction of employment costs
Only pay for what you need. If one month you require an advertising campaign, the next month an email marketing campaign and the next month nothing you only need to pay for what you use. In addition, with a mound of employer legislation, it is easier to terminate an outsourced agreement than it is fire an employee
Get an expert view without bias. Whilst an outsourced agency should be a partner, they will come with their own perspectives and fresh ideas without the baggage of internal politics or ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality. They bring with them the experience of working with many businesses all of whom will have had different marketing requirements
Improve your focus. Outsourcing helps you to focus on the core competencies of your business. You can get on with running your business; selling, product development and looking after your customers, leaving your marketing to experts in their field
Jump-start your marketing instantly. Outsourcing gives you access to experienced marketing professionals who can quickly develop plans and campaigns on the tightest of schedules
The alternatives to outsourcingThere are of course alternatives to outsourcing your marketing:
You could hire a dedicated marketing person. This person would look after the marketing on a day to day basis and ensure there is a constant focus, however as mentioned above one person is unlikely to have a full marketing skill-set
You could hire a dedicated marketing team. You would have constant marketing but at a substantial price