Anyone who marries in Italy, even if foreign, is subject to Italian legislation on family law.To get married in Italy with an Italian citizen or a non-EU citizen, it is not necessary to have a residence permit, but a valid identity document is sufficient, e.g. passport.
In essence, it is necessary and appropriate to contact the Consulate or Embassy to request the release of the authorization for the wedding or a declaration which shows that there are no impediments to contracting marriage, given the laws of the State of origin.
Once the authorization has been issued, it is important to request authentication of the signature made by the Ambassador or Consul, at the Legalization Office of the Prefecture.
In some cases, it may happen that some Embassies or Consulates do not issue authorization if you do not have a regular residence permit and a passport. At this juncture, the foreign citizen will have to go to their country to request it from the competent offices.
Once in compliance with the procedure, the spouses must go together to the Marriage Office of the Central Registry of the Municipality of residence, delivering the appropriate documentation:

• valid identity document;

• birth certificate authenticated by the Embassy of the country of origin;

• authorization issued by the Consulate or Embassy;

• self-certification of free status and residence;

Following this documentation presented, the day of the oath will be set to publicly exchange the promise of marriage in front of the Civil Registrar, together with two witnesses, one for each. In the case of foreign witnesses, they must possess a valid residence permit. Upon request of future foreign spouses, it is possible to request the presence of an interpreter.

In light of what has happened, the Office will then proceed with the publication, that is, it will display a sheet of paper with the names of the future spouses and the place where they will get married in the municipal notice board.

After 8 days (including at least 2 Sundays) from publication, the Wedding Office will issue the certificate of publication.

This document must be delivered, within a period of 180 days, to the Civil Status Officer in the municipality of residence to set the wedding date, possibly with the help of a wedding planner.

Once married to an Italian citizen, the foreign citizen has the right to be issued a residence permit for family reasons, even if before the marriage he was a clandestine or irregular citizen.

If you have a residence permit for any other reason, you can request the conversion of your permit into a permit for family reasons using the kit to be sent to the Police Headquarters via the authorized post offices.

If, however, he does not have any residence permit, the foreign citizen cannot be expelled and can still request a residence permit for family reasons by going directly to the Police Headquarters, Central Office, to request the permit.