MLM attraction marketing is what everyone seems to be talking about nowadays in the world of marketing — particularly network marketing. It basically involves doing the opposite of what most network marketers are taught to do to market their business and build their downline. Specifically, it is a kind of marketing that gets prospects chasing you instead of you chasing them.

If you are looking to become the hunted (instead of the hunter) in your business, and to engage in effective MLM attraction marketing, you have to understand direct response marketing as a whole.

Many marketers are under the impression and MLM attraction marketing (and direct response marketing) only works for applies to people involved in network marketing or an MLM, or for people involved in certain niches (like weight loss or hair loss). Not true…

The truth is that direct response marketing and MLM type attraction marketing techniques work regardless of what niche you’re in and what you’re marketing online. Direct response marketing (even though it is so commonly heard about through the concept of MLM attraction marketing) has, in fact, worked for every industry on the planet.

Think about it. What is MLM attraction marketing and direct response marketing at their core? By definition, direct response marketing is putting your targeted message in front of your audience to get them to take an action for a mutually beneficial purpose (like completing a survey, inputting their information or buying something).

Here is the best analogy I can give you in terms of why you shouldn’t look at network marketing, MLM attraction marketing and direct response marketing any differently than successful marketing principles used for other businesses. Think of your MLM business (and MLM attraction marketing) through the prism of any other type of business on the planet — think of Walmart.

With any other business, if they don’t sell product then they don’t get paid. In your business the same is true, regardless of what type of compensation plan is in place or what the bonus structures are.

When Walmart (or any of the other monstrous companies) started, they didn’t build their business by creating a list of 100 people, taking product samples to friends and family, doing 3-way calls and hosting parties. Had they done that, they would still be working to build their businesses even today.

No, they used solid marketing techniques which has resulted in droves of people entering their stores every single day. You need to apply the same principles in your MLM attraction marketing plan as the most successful companies do. You need to stop thinking that network marketing success principles are different from other time-tested and successful marketing principles.