One thing people don’t always seem to understand all that clearly is MLM marketing.

This is really because most people who come into this business do so because they’re introduced to it for the first time by an acquaintance, like a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor.

Therefore they don’t understand the concept of marketing, and what it means to get name recognition out there.

But the fact is that marketing in MLM is essential, and therefore something that you should take very seriously. However that’s not all there is to it. It’s not just about the fact THAT you should be marketing, but it’s about HOW you should be marketing.

The Different Types of MLM Marketing, and How to Use Them

You see there are a couple of different aspects of marketing, especially when it comes to MLM marketing.

One of the problems that people have when it comes to marketing their MLM business is knowing what type of marketing that they should use.

Most people have only ever been exposed to what’s called brand marketing. Brand marketing is what you see with companies like soda companies, candy companies, household detergent companies, etc.

The purpose of marketing for these companies is to get their brand known to as many people as possible. If you say the name of the soft drink company then almost no matter where you are, people will know what you’re talking about. These are brand names, and household names at that. It serves them well to get their name out there and known because when people go to the store they recognize the brand and buy it based on that name recognition.

But do you really need that for MLM marketing?

Let’s look at the cycle of marketing your MLM business. More than likely your main goal is not so much to sell a bunch of products (although that would be nice) but it’s to bring people into the business. If that’s the case, then is it that important that people know the name of your company?

The fact is that most people aren’t going to join an MLM business because they recognize and trust the name of the company. That may help, and may be what helps push them over the edge and gets them off the fence of indecision. But for the most part it’s YOU that these people have to trust.

This means that your selling skills, and recruiting skills will lead more toward direct sales methods, where the message that you put out leads directly to sells and commissions to you. Direct marketing is just that, where you put out a message for your product, service, or business opportunity, and then someone makes a decision either right then and there for very soon to make a transaction with YOU.

That’s where the money is made with MLM marketing.

Of course there is an aspect for branding to MLM. First of all it’s clear that branding is used with MLM because you’ve likely heard of the brands Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, and even Herbal Life. These have been household names. People recognize those names, but that doesn’t always help for the individual distributor. It rarely leads directly to a sell, or to someone joining your business.

This is exactly why brand building isn’t the best way to market. You’ve got to look past the type of marketing that you recognize, and more toward the type of marketing that gets direct results for you MLM marketing efforts.