This article is about the real truth on how to effectively do your MLM prospecting properly the first time as a brand new network marketer in MLM. It is a relationship business that you need to talk with as many people whom you can about selling a product or recruiting people into your downline. Therefore, if you don’t talk to enough prospects about your network marketing opportunity then you will fail in MLM just like the 97% of network marketers in the industry.

You need to stay consistent in doing your MLM prospecting methods and talk with people about your business opportunity then you will see your profits and downline explode. Most people don’t do these MLM prospecting methods because they aren’t focused or motivated enough to do the business and aren’t really serious about building a network marketing business.

So where do you find the right types of prospects into your network marketing opportunity? Also, do these MLM prospecting techniques work? Your experience sponsor or online internet marketer should be able to get you off to a fast start in your MLM business.

There are actually 3 types of marketers that can potentially grow your network marketing business. However, it is most likely you heard about these types of marketers before using the traditional marketing methods that are taught from your upline.

You’re Hot Market List – A list of your friends and family that you feel that you are closest too, and may what to help you in any way they can in network marketing.

Your Warm Market List – A list of people whom you may know that you occasionally and might give you referrals to other people who are open to make additional income streams. Contacts that come from your list are usually professionals or social contacts in your warm market list.

Your Cold Market List – Strangers or people you don’t know very well.

After you’re gone through those types of people in your list than you have a written list of at least 100 individuals you would like to talk to about your product or business opportunity either by phone or in person. You usually get a MEMORY JOGGER sheet from your sponsor that can provide you one from your network marketing company.

From my experience as a marketer, traditional MLM prospecting methods mentioned above only works only for 3% of the network marketers. It is most likely you’re not one of those people.Therefore, unfortunately most people who are taught from their upline using these MLM prospecting techniques, in reality, will fail in MLM.

It is critical that you stop pitching your network marketing business opportunity to the wrong types of people in your list. You need to target the prospects that are open to make additional monthly income from home. Therefore, you want to give value and being an expertise in your industry. Nevertheless, are you willing to help them to solve their problems? This is what I call Attraction Marketing. They will view you as a leader and are BRANDING yourself in MLM. The prospects will be hunting you about your business opportunity.

The MLM prospecting online method works because you are gaining credibility and building relationships with your prospects that want to follow you. Nevertheless, over 95% of marketers have a lack of knowledge on Attraction Marketing, and most individuals will quite the network marketing industry.