The changes in the communications over the past few years have vastly influenced how networkers market their MLM businesses. The old methods of trying to convince your warm market to show up at presentation meetings are quickly giving way to far better methods of promoting on the internet like attraction marketing using a funded proposal.

It can be quite expensive to advertise your business on the internet. Marketing methods like pay-per-click can cost thousands of dollars a week to get high rankings on Google, and if your site isn’t at the top, not a lot of prospects are going to find your site. If they don’t find your site, you aren’t going to get a lot of leads, and leads are everything in network marketing.

The average person who wants to start out in network marketing generally does not have a great amount of advertising capital. MLM Funded Proposals can help alleviate those problems. The difficulty for beginning networkers is they don’t know if they are going to see any results from spending their entire budget on advertising. The Funded Proposal system will allow them to run a promotional program for their business proposal and earn an income while doing so.

Even in the absence of a big ad budget, the rookie network marketer can use this smart MLM marketing strategy that is revolutionizing the way that many network promoters are getting their new businesses up and running. So how do MLM funded propsosals work?

First it helps to get an attractive website with relevant content to attract new recruits into your team. While one could spend thousands of dollars on having someone build them a website, it is almost free to set up your own blog site on WordPress, if one knows how to properly do it. You can be the one providing them access to the marketing techniques on how to get their blog operational attaining a high Google page rank.

The next thing you need to do is start putting valuable content on your site, content that solves other people’s problems, particularly their marketing problems. Everyone wants to have their site get noticed, and you can set yourself up as an authority on various internet marketing tools, online MLM training on marketing tactics, and how to promote a multilevel business, all the marketing skills you are using to promote your site. Since your promotional activities are working and you are ranking on the search engines, people are finding you. Then you provide the answers on how they can do the same, and the leads will come.

At this point it is very important that you do not try to sell your prospects on your MLM business. People didn’t come to you so they can join your business, they are looking for solutions to their marketing issues, so provide them with that. Tell them about how they can gain access to the tools and systems you are using to achieve success, and also with online MLM training help on how they can put those resources to work for them.

You can turn them on to how they can set up their own blog site, what to put on that site, and the tools to get backlinks and promote the site to attain high rankings on the search engines. Now your leads can learn how to do exactly what you are doing, so they can promote their business venture, if they have one. If they don’t, they may ask you for recommendations.

The MLM funded proposal part comes in when your prospects start using the tools and systems you have recommended to them. While some of these tools are free, some are not. Free leads on the internet don’t really come free, they come with the cost of promoting your site and your brand on the internet. People who accept the potential to make money from any of these products will often pay monthly fees to the product vendor for the use of the tool or marketing system. You will already have set yourself up as an affiliate marketer of these products and services, and as long as your prospects enjoy success using them, you will reap the benefits by receiving monthly residuals.

If you do the product training well and you get people on your side that see the benefits which will come with the package, you will be able to fund your own marketing and take in some additional income as well, thus the funded proposal. Now you are on the way to even greater success.

At this point it doesn’t matter if prospects actually join your MLM business or not, and certainly many will not. But now you have set yourself up as a trusted authority on successful marketing and you have built relationships with people who desire the same successful results as you do.

At some juncture, many prospects will ask you what MLMs you are associated with and now is the time to discuss your business with them. It can also now be a good time to advertise your business to them to see if they are interested.

You will now no longer be like one of the masses of strangers who are trying to convince them to join their network marketing business, and you certainly won’t be equated with their brother-in-law trying to get them to an MLM presentation at a local hotel. Through your efforts of attraction marketing by building relationships instead of being a salesman, you have built a strong enough trust that prospects can take your word for which MLM business is a good one for them.