The time to start looking for network marketing online training is now. If you are one of the first to excel, it could really help your business because there is such a hungry market out there for it. Recent data has shown that each year the network marketing industry has grown overall. More and more companies are popping up with direct sales as their main source for generating sales, plus the number of individuals jumping in the game is greater than ever before. Much of the growth has been thanks to the internet and the leverage and cost benefits it offers. A majority of people in the network marketing industry are using traditional strategies, but this new breed of marketers are looking to take full advantage of technology and are seeking online training.

The internet brings a wide variety of marketing options and with the increasing popularity on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, free advertising strategies provide a great opportunity for network marketers looking to expand their business and online presence. There is so much network marketing online training available, that you just need to focus and choose a strategy that fits your style and concentrate on it. There are many online MLM strategies to choose from and which you can easily dominate with a little consistency. Strategies include; forums, video, social networking, ezines, online classifieds, and many others. All these free strategies are very effective and can be used to generate leads for any network marketing business.

Let’s look at a few of these closer.

Forum Marketing

Find a forum where your target audience would spend time. Answer questions that others are asking, or ask your own questions on strategies that might help your business. The key with this strategy is the signature file that appears below your post. When you set up your profile you will want to add a link to your website. If you provided valuable and helpful information, people will generally be more interested in you and click to see where it takes them.

Video Marketing

Video marketing on sites like YouTube is extremely popular these days because of the amount of traffic directed to video sites and the availability of tools to create and share videos online. Videos put a personality and face to the name. They tend to create more of a bond than most other channels and many people find video a very easy medium to absorb and learn from. Remember, people are looking for something in particular and video search is no different then a keyword Google search. Hearing more from someone’s actual experience on a particular subject goes a log way in establishing trust. They key is to be personable and not a product pusher.

Article marketing

Article marketing is another great way to build a business online using the internet. Best of all, article marketing is free. To be successful with article marketing you need to be a decent writer and you also need to understand the basics of doing keyword research. Picking the right keywords will help your article get ranked higher in the search engines. Article marketing is used not just by network and affiliate marketers, but is also a key strategy for major corporations.

Facebook marketing

Facebook has paid per click advertising, just like Google. However, a creative network marketer can use Facebook as another free way to generate leads. The first thing you want to do is become friends with people in the niche you are targeting. This could be people who would be likely to purchase products by your company, or people who have interests similar to someone who would join a network marketing company. Once you find and friend these people, you will want to occasionally update your status with information that might be valuable to them or peak their curiosity. Typically, saying you have an amazing opportunity is not the way to go. Remember it’s about providing value and not asking for something in return.