Network Marketing Success can be a ‘cake walk’, if you carry out the latest sponsoring and marketing tactics into your business. On the other hand, if you fall into the 97% of network marketers that overlook the simple yet fundamental principles of success in multi-level marketing, you’ll likely struggle to build a substantial team and eventually likely quit. Sad but true, on average, network marketers quit after 93 days of struggle. So to help you beat the odds, I’ve put together five vital MLM success strategies that will exponentially improve your chances of success in network marketing, if you simply read them and put them into action.

Network Marketing Success Tip #1: Don’t be an MLM bunny rabbit. By that I mean, commit to staying with your chosen company for at least a year, rather than ‘hopping’ from one company to the next, blaming each and every failure on the company. You see, 99% of the time, it’s not the company’s fault that you’re not making money with this opportunity or that opportunity; the reason you’re not into profit is because you simply haven’t passed through the learning curve yet. MLM is a real industry and it can be complicated to really ‘get it’ in the beginning. As a newbie, you need to expect a learning curve of 3-6 months, and then once you learn what you’re doing, of course you need to actually implement it. That’s why I say, stay with your company for at least a year.

Network Marketing Success Tip #2: Simply put, there are 3 ways of making money in network marketing, no matter what anyone (including your upline) may be telling you. Compensation plans can sometimes be confusing telling reps that there’s 8 ways of making money’ etc, etc…it’s really just 3, honest. You make money by sponsoring new reps, training the reps you recruit to sponsor new reps, and by retailing products. Set up core activities that address the three ways of making money in your business, and execute them. Take your focus off of anything that’s not directly related to making you money, until you’ve established some success and you can see your business gaining momentum.

Network Marketing Success Tip #3: You joined a multi-level MARKETING business, and way too many times, the word marketing is completely and utterly overlooked. Instead you’re told to grab anyone within 3 feet of you and pitch them on your opportunity, bribe your friends and family into coming to hotel meetings, and hold an infamous yet dreaded ‘home party.’ That is not marketing. To really be successful in MLM, you need to learn how to professionally market your business in a way that actually attracts people to your opportunity. And by that, I mean that you’ll want to position your business in front of the people who are looking for it. For example, take Google for instance: hundreds of thousands of people everyday are actually on Google seeking out a business opportunity. Why not market to them, instead of uncle Bob? Makes sense, right?

Network Marketing Success Tip #4: It’s all about you, not the company – people join people, not business opportunities. That’s right, it may sound odd to you, but people really don’t care how great your company is or how ‘cutting edge’ the products are. To really be successful it is extremely important for you to brand yourself as a leader in your business. Leaders position themselves as experts, and it is vital that you are a leader, and not just another ‘rep.’ Focus on the benefits of working directly with YOU, not how great your company is. There are thousands of other people out there telling YOUR prospects how great THEIR companies are…you’ve got to stand out. A way of truly standing apart from the competition is by implementing Network Marketing Success Tip #3 and learning marketing. The reason I say that is because literally 97% of people in this industry have no clue about marketing, so if you can learn it and teach it to your downline, you’ll hold real value. People will see that, and instantly want to join you.

Network Marketing Success Tip #5: Having a system in place that is plug-and-play to teach your new recruits how to get into profit fast and avoid the pit falls that so many network marketers face is crucial. If you don’t have a training system in place, even if you can recruit people right and left, they’ll quit your downline faster than you realize what happened if you’re not teaching them how to get into profit and create financial freedom. That is why you need a system in place from the beginning. The system that you put into place must teach people how to market their business effectively, so they produce leads on a daily basis, and the people who your downline sponsor will be able to plug into the same training system, allowing them to achieve long-term wealth as well. This is the lifeblood of your business. You must have a system. You can’t just tell your people to walk around in shopping malls and find a couple people, and they’ll be rich. I’m sorry to break this to you, but nobody has ever become successful by simply finding two people. It’s simply never happened. It DOES make people rich in network marketing, but it doesn’t make people rich who do it. People that get rich use systems, so if you want to achieve massive network marketing success, you’ve got to have a system.