Multi-level marketing is a very lucrative business. Billionaires like Warren Buffett and Donald Trump have invested in network marketing companies with great success. There are also everyday individuals who start with nothing and create enormous wealth with MLM companies. Yes, network marketing success is truly possible. Why do some succeed and others fail? It starts with understanding some fundamental principles. What I’m about to reveal will change the way you do business forever.

The primary idea you should be aware of is that your business has nothing to do with your multi-level marketing company. That’s right, if you want network marketing success you must stop trying to sell people on your network marketing company. Prospects are not interested in your company’s net worth. It’s fascinating but not relevant.

You must also stop promoting the products offered by the company. This second concept is something that must be understood if you wish for network marketing success. Shocking right? Especially since it’s exactly what your upline leaders are telling you to do. You must stop trying to sell their products or promote your network marketing company. While it is vital that your company is sound and their products provide value to the consumer, the bottom line is that people don’t care about your company or your products. And trying to sell them to folks only makes them run the other way. I’m sure you have experienced this first hand. I know have.

To become network marketing leader you must grasp that network marketing success is about marketing. Your business is marketing. You can have the greatest product on earth but it won’t make you money unless you know how to market the product. Your product is a marketing system. You sell a marketing system to prospects. The marketing system sells your network marketing company’s products, not you. Read this paragraph again and again until you get it. It will change your life.

Let me give you a helpful example. In 1996, I was burnt out with working in private industry as a computer consultant. I had some money and decided to to branch out on my own. I decided to start a business. I decided to acquire a franchise. I looked at McDonalds, Subway, Maaco Auto Painting and Sir Speedy among others. Why? Was it because I thought that these companies offered the best sandwiches, paint jobs or printing services, respectively? No, not at all. I chose to look at franchises because they had a proven money making system that I could plug into. I and others gladly paid the $65,000 franchise fee to buy the business in a box that had been used by many successful franchisees to make money. They sold us a system. The system sold their products.

Similarly, to accomplish network marketing success you must sell a marketing system to prospects. The system will sell your company’s products. Your marketing system is a series of tools and instructions. The system teaches your prospects (YOU) how to market and how to use the system to sell your company’s products. The marketing system must be duplicatable, so that someone with no experience in marketing can do it. By concentrating on marketing instead of selling your company’s products you will be on course to network marketing success, just like the top earners.