Are you using company created network marketing tools to grow your business? If so you are probably experiencing, at best, limited success. Chances are your struggles with achieving network marketing success has little to do with your MLM company itself in terms of its products, services or compensation plan. The real problem is the fact that the marketing tools and strategies suggested by most MLM companies are not the most effective methods for marketing in today’s internet world.

Why Traditional Network Marketing Tools Are Ineffective

In fact, the tools provided by MLM companies for distributors may actually be counter productive. The cost of and the results new distributors get from using them may be part of the reason new recruits drop from your organization. I am speaking of the use of product samples, DVDs, CDs, magazines or any other kind of physical medium to grow your business. There is no denying tools such as these could result in a few customers or recruits if you are willing to put out hundreds of pieces of marketing materials. But how many people in your downline will go through the expense of acquiring enough marketing materials to impact enough prospects. Keep in mind both customer acquisition and the recruiting of new distributors on an ongoing basis are important. Distributing marketing materials is simply not a very cost effective method because of cost and quantity of material required for real results. This coupled with the fact that often the wrong prospects are targeted.

Having a duplicatable business building method that works is essential to creating a dynamically growing organization. It is true that muti level marketing businesses for years have been grown to massive proportions by individuals aggressively using traditional network marketing tools over a sustained period of time. However, using such methods works for less than 1% of marketers because of the issues of cost and the failure to target enough of the right prospects in distributing such material.

Positive Cash Flow While Building Is Whats Needed

In today’s economy people are becoming less and less prone to put out their hard earned money using such methods to build an MLM business. New distributors need an efficient, cost effective, business building method and strategy that provides results and allows them to put money in their pockets as well. Not visa versa. Having a business building system that helps target and recruit the right prospects while creating positive cash flow is the real key to success.

You want to use business building methods your newly recruited distributors can began implementing and get good results within their first 90 days without going broke. Otherwise, no matter how many new distributors you recruit 99% of your effort is really delayed failure in disguise. Most of them will just become dormant, altogether quit or at best, some will settle for being a product user if they like the product but not actively work to grow a business.

Why People Quit Network Marketing

It is far too common an occurrence in our industry that new distributors drop out because they are spending more on trying to build their business and on products than they are actually earning. This dropping out is called attrition. It is the primary reason for failure of any multi level marketing business. The good news is that there exist a better method to build a MLM business than the traditional strategies and tools provided by your upline and network marketing companies. This alternative method and strategy actually solves the prospect targeting, recruiting, attrition and cash flow problem when used correctly.

The Best Network Marketing Tool

When used correctly, the best tool for marketing period is actually the internet. I by no means am talking about the “me too” cookie cutter company replicated websites. They are also completely ineffective in the initial recruiting effort. Using the proper “attraction marketing” methods which brand yourself and not your company is the proper way to use the internet to build your business. This method attracts prospects to you first independent of the company you represent. With the right training and resources you can do this for relatively little cost and even turn a profit while prospecting and enroll dozens of new distributors into your primary MLM business every month in the process. With an internet based attraction marketing system you can in fact profit even when your prospects don’t even join your particular network marketing opportunity. This is the best part about this method.