Direct response marketing is a form of marketing that many business owners don’t exactly understand. You see these business owners are glued to the idea that what they’re doing right now is the best that they can do. They deliberately try to imitate big businesses, and wind up losing their shirt in the process.

How does this happen? Well it’s mainly because these big corporations are spending millions of dollars on brand advertising campaigns, and they really do have a strong backend marketing campaign. The bottom line is that you can’t compete with these big corporations head. So what exactly can you do? Well, you should start with niche marketing.

Niche marketing is a form of marketing that can net you far greater results than what you’re currently doing right now. The gist of niche marketing is that you’re targeting a sub-segment of a market, and focusing all your time and energy selling to these group of people.

Niche marketing is the prime motivator behind a lot of successful marketing campaigns. I’ve seen business owners turn themselves into millionaires due to the fact that they were using niche marketing in their business. And this is something that you can start doing also.

The best way to do niche marketing is to look at who you’re currently marketing to, and decide on how you can turn a sub-segment of a market into a profitable business. So if you own a bakery shop and you find that the majority of sales are coming from cupcakes alone, then you should go into the niche of selling nothing but cupcakes to your customers.

Or if you have an auto repair shop, you could go into a niche where you only serve Honda vehicles. This way whenever someone has a Honda vehicle, they will come to you first because you’re an expert at repairing Honda vehicles. These are 2 great examples of how you can go into niche markets and dominate it.

Niche marketing is definitely a portion of your marketing strategy that you will want to consider using today. You’ll experience much less competition, you can increase your prices at will, and you can seem like the obvious expert in your niche – and this will others to do business with you due to the referrals that you are getting from past customers.

If you’re not using niche marketing in your business today, now is the best time to start. I think it’s safe to say that niche marketing is definitely the way to go if you want to start improving your sales and profits. But don’t take my word for it – go out there and start using the concept of niche marketing in your business today.

It doesn’t take long to implement. You will need to slightly modify your ads and direct mail letters to incorporate an additional keyword in the headline, and throughout some of the parts of your sales letter. So if you used to market to fishermen, and wanted to market to fly fishermen, all you would have to do is include the word “fly” in front of fishermen. And it’s really that simple.