Is there a pot of gold to be had from niche marketing? Can it provide all the riches an internet marketer could hope to have? The answer should not come as a surprise to most.

There is no niche marketing rainbow! There is no pot of gold just waiting to be taken.

There is, however, money to be made with online marketing if you go about it with the right mind set and proper training.

The definition for “niche”, as it relates to marketing, is “a distinct segment of a market”. Therefore niche marketing is the marketing of a distinct segment of a market.

Believe, if you wish, all the advertised “get rich quick” with niche marketing advertising, but in the end you will only end up with an empty check book.

Below is a simple niche marketing flowchart. Ask yourself how much do you know about each step in the building of a online marketing business. If you feel comfortable with each step then this page is not for you.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the steps outlined below, then you can gain some in-site into the complexity of niche marketing and benefit from the information on this page.

Niche Marketing Flowchart

1. Find Your Niche Market

Market Research
2. Find Your Niche Product

More Market Research
3. Build Keyword List

Keyword Research
4. Develop Niche Marketing Website

Design Website
Design Web Pages
Build Website Content
Optimize For Search Engines
Pre-sell Landing Pages
5. Develop Marketing Strategies

Article Marketing
Forum Marketing
Social Book-Marking
Email Marketing
Blog Marketing
Link Building
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Keyword Bidding
Now that you have some idea of what will be required of you to be successful, ask yourself if it is right for you. Are you willing to put forth the time and effort? Are you willing to learn what will be required?

In most cases, success will come slowly and you will have failures. You must learn to accept these failures, remain undaunted and patient.

There are six, must have, characteristics of a successful niche marketer. These characteristics are:

Self-Discipline -. With out self-discipline the new marketer is doom to failure. If the new marketer can discipline himself to work everyday with all the energy he can muster, then the chance of success increases.

Optimism – Negative attitudes can destroy any chance of success for an online marketer. Neither should anyone influence his/her attitude toward his/her business. If a positive attitude is maintain through out the learning phase the chances of success will be that much greater.

Self – Determination – If he/she wants to conquer the niche marketing business it is necessary to have the ability to push ahead even when things are not going as planned. Never say die and the ability to motivate one’s self into scaling greater heights.

Willingness to Learn – Treading through unfamiliar territory, the new marketer must be properly trained. Learning the tricks of the trade is an important aspect of having an online marketing business and ones willingness to learn as much about marketing online as possible

Willingness to Invest Time and Effort – The willingness to invest time and effort, even if direct results do not seem at all apparent. Although several months may pass without good news, it is important for the new marketer to hold on and wait. It is this quality which can save him/her from giving up after investing a lot of themselves in the business.

Determination – Even though I have listed this last, it is most likely the one quality that separates the successful marketer from the unsuccessful. Making an online marketing business pay off is most often determined by the individual’s own determination to make it work.

The road to success for anyone working to become a niche marketer depends almost entirely on the person. If he/she has the right attitude, their success will depend only on any limitations they place upon themselves.