Doing online market research to find a profitable niche is the very first thing you must do, as skipping this step will leave you running around aimlessly. Proper market research will give you clear direction as to where the juiciest markets are, and allow you to do proper market segmentation and targeting. You do not want to spend a lot of time, effort and money only to find that there is no demand for that particular product. Market research will help you to find a niche with high demand.

It gives you direction and focus on one specific area where there are proven buyers in the marketplace. You get to focus your selling efforts to meeting the needs of this niche market. This way, you’re not just guessing what products and information will sell. You know what the market demand is, and you know what kind of information and products will sell well. Your niche, is a target group of people wanting to buy information or physical products on their interest, not yours.

Market research will help you avoid the most common mistake of marketers, selling what they like, not what the market wants. If you want to have good sales, you must sell what the market wants, not what you like. If you try to sell what you like without knowing the market demand, you will be going in blind and find yourself struggling to get sales. The key is to find the proven hottest selling products that are going like hot cakes in the market place. These are real results and real sales, so the niche is proven to sell.

One quick way to do a basic market research is by doing a check on ClickBank is the leading retailer of digital products online. It sells information products. If people are willing to buy information in certain niches, it proves that there is a demand for a solution to that particular problem.

Just register for a free account, and you will be able to access the marketplace of ClickBank. From there, you can see that “weight loss” is an all time popular niche. Everyday someone develops a weight problem, they put on a belly or their “ass” looks big, and they want a solution. Maybe not now, but what if they let themselves go and
need help getting themselves back into shape?