In my last article, I told you about two marketing techniques to drive traffic to your affiliate site or your own website. I will continue to cover some marketing techniques that I use that drives massive amount of leads to my site.

Here are the most used marketing techniques out there. So let’s go over them :

1. Video Marketing
2. Article Marketing
3. Email List Building Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Forum Marketing
6. Tribe Syndication Marketing
7. Blog Marketing
8. Pay Per Click

I gave you an overview of video and article marketing in the last article. I will go over email list building marketing, Social Media Marketing, Forum Marketing, and Tribe Syndication Marketing Marketing here.

Email list building marketing is another way to get leads to your website. Once again, this is a free online marketing method. Email list building sites are communities of people who agree to receive emails from others, and in return you get to send out emails. These emails are just advertisements. You open the emails and get credits.

There are different types of email list building sites, but I will do another article going into more detail.

Social media marketing is another free online marketing strategy. What is social media marketing? It is a form of internet marketing, which seeks to achieve branding and marketing through communication in various social media networks like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and etc.

One thing you need to remember about doing social media marketing is build relationships. You do not go on these sites and Spam people with links to your sites. I will write another article in more detail in the near future.

A forum is just a website that you join in a niche that you like and communicate with others on different topics. Forum marketing is using these sites to promote your business. Forums have rules on promoting your business. I will go over in another post what you need to look out for and how to advertise in forums to get leads.

Tribe Syndication Marketing is very new. A tribe consists of people who have a blog website. Each person posts valuable content. Once or twice a week the tribe meets and syndicates each other by posting comments on each member’s blog and YouTube channels.

When you go to one of the tribe member’s site, you join it. You follow their blogs, and you read their posts. After reading it you tweet the post on Twitter, and you share it on Facebook, and you leave comments as said above.