In the age of the internet, it is pretty rare that you can’t start up your computer and search a subject and not find what you are searching for. Where network marketing has traditionally been a face-to-face business, it is starting to see a shift to the internet for help. There are hundreds of online marketing tools available to help with this shift and here are just a few that can help the serious network marketer make a smooth transition from face-to-face to online marketing.

Social Media is at All Time Highs

There is no better place these days to connect with people than through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. With over half a billion users on Facebook, this allows network marketers to search out more like minded people with similar interests, share their products or services and just build a relationship with someone who they otherwise would never have been able to meet. Through social media is has become the norm to make friends with people you have never met face-to-face and probably never will. The secret to using social media as an online marketing tool is to really build that relationship, search out groups that have similar interests and ask a lot of questions without leading with your business. No one wants a business pitch on a social site. You never want to lead in with business. Get to know someone first to see if they are qualified or interested in what you are doing.

Get Those Thoughts on Paper

Article Marketing is a very under-utilized online marketing tool that can help in many ways. Basically the concept of article marketing is to write content that offers value to the reader so they come back for more. If you are in network marketing, you want to write about things that will offer value to other network marketers or those interested in pursuing network marketing. The rule of thumb with Article writing is that you need to make sure your articles are keyword rich so they rank on search engines thus they are actually seen. You also want to make sure to submit your articles to well known directories and also to as many directories as you can. An easy time saving way to do this is to purchase an article submitter that will automatically submit the content.

People Like Visual

With the internet, it is so easy to be fooled or to be misled. Video marketing is a great online marketing tool that more and more people are using to generate leads. Video marketing has become a must have in the network marketing world. Like article marketing, your videos need to be that of value to the audience you are looking to ensnare. With videos you always want to make sure to say who you are, a short summary of why you are cutting a video, have some valuable, relevant points and then a call to action of what you want the person who is watching to do. Also post to as many sites that will accept videos for the most exposure. Videos tend to work well to generate a following which is especially important when you are trying to build a list of people to talk with like in network marketing.