As a network marketer, it’s critical to your success that you learn effective marketing methods that will allow you to brand yourself and generate leads. And, YES, learning how to do those two things are important in both online and offline marketing. The truth of the matter is learning how to market and drive traffic to your sites is not really that complicated. There are a lot of marketing methods that are newbie-friendly and if you’re willing to put some time into learning and applying, you will have success in time. Likewise, learning how to market offline isn’t all that hard either. I mean, how hard is it to give someone a DVD or meet some folks at a coffee shop, or their living room, and pop in a DVD and sit back. At the very least, if you don’t have a DVD, you’ll have to point and read or maybe walk them though a short presentation. As you can see, marketing isn’t that big of a deal, assuming your willing to try and fail and try again and tweak, etc.

What is a major factor is knowing your target market so you can aim your message at the right direction. In other words, if you’re not targeting the right market, as good as your message is, it may not be received well, not because the message isn’t good, but because that market wasn’t targeted.

Here’s a simplified example of what I mean:

Let’s say your selling a book on how to deal with being pregnant in your mid-30s. And let’s say the author was one of the most recognized experts in this particular field. In addition to that, let’s say the quality and content of the book was second to none. Pretty good, right? Now, let’s say you go to a group of men in their 50s and try to tell them about it and try to market it to them. How do you think you’d do? What if you went to a group of grandmothers in their 60s and tried to market it to them? How do you think you’d do? In both instances, chances are you’d fail miserably. Now let’s say you introduced the book to pregnant women in their mid-30s who were interested in dealing with the stress of being pregnant and how to get through the problems of being pregnant in their mid-30s. How do you think you’d do? You might be a below-average salesperson, but chances are you’d sell every book you had. Why is that? It’s the same exact book, written by the same exact author, you couldn’t sell to the first two groups. Here’s why: You were marketing a product that was relevant to the very targeted group you were talking to. In other words, you were in the right market.

Now, Am I Talking About Selling Books On Pregnancy?

Of course not. I’m talking about your network marketing business. If you’re going to spend time, energy and money into marketing and promoting your business, it’s critical that you know and target the right market. If not, you will constantly spin your wheels and not have any significant success. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t expose certain people or that you shouldn’t work the Law Of Large Numbers. However, I am saying that if you’re looking to get out of the gates fast, get into momentum and explode your business, you have to understand who you’re target market is.

So, Who Is Your Target Market?

As a network marketer, your target market is other network marketers. Why? Because they ALREADY believe in the network marketing concept. You don’t have to spend time trying to convince and explain to them why having a home business is a smart move. You don’t have to explain the override concept or go over 100 objections on “Is this a pyramid?”. If you’re going to market online, and even offline to an extent, it’s imperative that you’re directing your message and getting in front of your target market. If you can do that successfully, you’ll see your success curve will be dramatically reduced and your message will be received 100 times better than when you’re talking to a bunch of unqualified, broke people who have no ambition or desire to improve their situation.