So you’ve just joined a network marketing company and you’re excited about building your new business. You’ve probably been told by your upline to go out, spread the word and talk to anyone who comes within 3 feet of you. And, because that’s exactly what most companies tell their distributors to do, most network marketers fail miserably, especially online.

What Does The Average Marketer Do?

For the average network marketer online, their version of marketing is spamming every single person they know on Facebook and posting links all over their walls. If you’re doing this, there’s one thing you need to know: Top marketers and networkers who actually get results online, or even offline for that matter, do not market this way.

What Do The Pros Do?

Think about it: When was the last time you saw Mike Dillard or Jonathan Budd posting links on other people’s walls on Facebook? The reality is top marketers actually market in a totally opposite manner than most people and that’s why they get the most results. While you’re busy posting links to your company’s replicated site on people’s wall on Facebook, professional marketers are generating more leads than they can handle because they’re not talking about their business at all.

In this simple article, I’ll go into what top marketers actually market and why most marketers get it all wrong. Here are the three things that top marketers market in priority order:

1. Themselves – Top marketers market themselves first and foremost. They market their personal value and leadership abilities. They understand the power of branding and because they do, they promote themselves before they talk about anything else.

As you build your business, it’s important to understand that people buy from and join people they like, know and trust. It’s also important to know that people do not join companies, they join people. If you fully understand this, you’ll understand why marketing yourself and your value is extremely important.

Most marketers don’t get this and that’s why they don’t understand why they’re getting no results when they’re posting links everywhere and spamming everyone. People don’t join them because people don’t know them. Why would people go into business with them, when they have absolutely no relationship with them whatsoever?

If some stranger came up to you and asked you to go into business with them, would you just pull out your wallet right there and then and say, “Sure, I don’t know you from Adam… But here’s my credit card, I’m in!”. Chances are you’d never do that, so why do you think people would go into business with you when you approach people like that?

2. Their System – The second thing top marketers market is their system. After they’ve shown that they’re an Alpha leader, they provide training and solutions to people’s problems. By providing training and solutions to problems that most network marketers have, they’re able to attract people like a magnet and generate leads hand over fist.

For example, if you know that the average network marketer struggles in their business because they lack leads, and you can provide a solution to that problem, people will want to work with you because they see that you’re offering a solution to a specific problem they’re having. On the other hand, if the average network marketer needs more leads, and you’re just shoving your business down their throat, what would compel them to join you? If you want to attract people, provide specific solutions to their problems.

3. Their Company – Top marketers do market their business, but it’s usually the last thing they market, after promoting themselves, their value and their system. And usually, by the time they promote their business, their prospects already see the value in working with them. This is how most top marketers have people calling them to join their business, instead of them chasing people around to check out their business.

Now, is this what happens to the average network marketer? No, because they don’t market the same things, in the same order, as top marketers. Typically, they don’t sell their value or their system, and they just jump into selling their company and their products.

If you want to start experiencing success online and you want to build your business using the internet, it’s important that you study what top marketers do so you can duplicate their results. And remember, if you want to attract people and generate leads, market the above three things in that order.