The whole point of marketing is to get a consumer interested in buying your product. The problem with traditional marketing techniques, at least when it comes to network marketing, is that the traditional methods simply aren’t cutting it anymore. You would have to be able to travel the world and be in several places at one time in order to build the kind of momentum and be able to have instant contact with as many people as you can have in the online world. Being online can up the amount of people you can touch by thousands or more!

With that being said, many network marketers are starting to see how online marketing can really take their business to the level of success they are looking for. One type of internet marketing that is starting to cause a buzz is online video marketing.

Online video marketing is one of the fastest growing channels for marketing on the internet. It is a great way to take your network marketing business viral for very little cost if any. Seven out of ten marketers are using some form of online video marketing and about half are using that in conjunction with email in their digital campaign efforts according to recent surveys.

One reason online network marketers are utilizing video is it still allows them to put a personal touch on their message while going viral and hitting thousands more potential customers without having to go face-to-face. The fact is people still like personal contact, but with the fast pace and computer savvy way society has become, network marketers are no exception to the rule when it comes to changing with the times.

One new revolution within the online video marketing world is that marketers are excited to combine video with email because they believe it will increase the effectiveness of the click through rate for their auto responder programs. This will mean that the leads generated are more likely to convert to business partners or to buy products. However, online network marketers are just starting to ad sound and motion to their email messages. The main problem with this is that it hasn’t been easy to implement and it hasn’t been smooth for those trying to implement video into email.

What most network marketers that have searched out the internet for a better solution have found is currently the easiest way to integrate online video marketing into an email campaign is to link leads back to a video landing page by embedding video players directly in email messages. At this point there is really not much of a solution as embedded video pose even more of an implementation challenge.