The idea of using an internet marketing system to market your MLM product is controversial, especially since most network marketing products are promoted through word of mouth. And, of course, don’t ever ask your upline about marketing online! You know how it is… “it’s always been done this way”, they say…

… so if you’re thinking along these lines at all, this story I’m about to share about finding an internet marketing system is for you…

I’ve been in the administration field most of my life and have NEVER been in sales, so you can imagine how much I wanted a way for my products to “sell themselves”.

I had joined one of those health product MLM deals with my daughter and then she took the wind out of my sails when she told me she was moving to LA to pursue an acting career (YIKES)!

Fortunately and to my delight, she decided to come back to live in Florida again where we could work on this “business” together. I could be the processor and record keeper, and let her do the “selling and telling” part of the business, I thought, since she’s so good at sales, and I was NOT!

However, as much as we thought about conducting joint health seminars, it seemed not to be worth the money we’d wind up with once we split our profits. “There must be an easier way”, says my industrious daughter.

So she hops online looking for an internet marketing system to sell our products…

Of course, we loved the nutritional deal we were in at the time and looked high and low for a way to the word out online for the company…

… but there was a reason why they called their marketing plan the “one to one marketing”… because it required going to local meetings (and paying for those meetings) just to have the “privilege” of joining with the potential to build a downline. UGH! How would we EVER get people interested in joining online if they had to fly in for our meetings and pay more money? It was just unrealistic.

Here’s the thing about most network marketing companies: They don’t advertise, because that’s why they have you. However, the vast majority of people who become distributors don’t know what they’re doing, and so they DESPERATELY need training! But there is none.

So, reluctantly, we switched network marketing companies so we could have an “online marketable” product or service.

And then we found this internet marketing system made for the network marketer…

“You’ll be making money with this system whether or not people join your business”, they say. And, the figures represented in the video training were quite inspirational. For the first time ever, I was starting to actually have a little confidence in myself that even I could sell this way!

They were right, I was making money even though people didn’t join my business… however, not enough to put me in the black. I was paying $50 monthly for this “service” that didn’t even give me any capture pages, but taught me how to create them myself. And it was a great learning and growing experience… but let’s face it… me, an internet newbie, competing online with my sucky capture pages against the pros? Let’s be real here. The most I ever earned within a year’s time was $40.

My daughter, of course, did way better than I, but even she wasn’t doing well enough to support herself with this “internet friendly” network marketing company combined with the internet marketing system sworn to make us money even if people didn’t join our deal!

Frantically, she flew to Costa Rica for an in-person training with the marketing genius Dave Wood, who was (and still is) known for his ability to market anything online.

Of course, she came back a changed woman, but where did that leave me?

Bottom line is, if you want to successful in promoting your product or service; YOU need to learn how to market it!

Therefore, whether you’re looking to just sell a few products, or build an extensive team of distributors under you, it’s mandatory that you work on your own personal development skills and sales abilities.