Postcard marketing is not used as often as it should be by those seeking an advantage over their competitors. Knowing how to market your business using postcards can get you that edge over those that stick to the regular ‘marketing letter’ simply because a postcard has no envelope, and is instantly readable.

Many people will scan their eyes over a postcard when they would simply deposit their junk mail in a trash can unopened. If you believe advertising mail to be worthwhile, then you should consider postcard marketing as a very viable option for the simple reasons that it can be designed to look very attractive and very readable – and is already open!

Not only are postcards cheaper to print than regular marketing mail such ad flyers, brochures and promotional letters, but they also give better results. Here are five specific benefits of postcard marketing, and how to market your online or offline business using them:

1. People Read Them

Postcards are difficult to ignore because the message is right there in front of you – no need to open an envelope, and if they have an offer to make you will see it immediately and get you thinking – you can’t deny that! More people will see your offers and more will respond to them.

2. It Is Easy to Test Your Market

Postcards are so inexpensive that you can easily test your market using them. They offer particular advantages of letters in this respect, because you know they will likely be read – or at least noticed, so you can test offers and sales messages prior to a full mailing.

3. Postcard Marketing Makes Offers Easy to Redeem

By displaying a discount coupon or offer prominently on the postcard in bold colored letters, you can immediately catch the attention as soon as it comes out the mailbox. By asking the recipient to take the postcard into your store for a discount, or by printing a discount code that can be used online, your prospects keep your brand in front of their eyes and will remember it. This also helps you to track your results, with a different code used each mailing,

4. Branding is Easy

Branding is a critical aspect of any business, offline or online, and postcard marketing makes it very easy to get your brand in the public eye. The benefit of repeated postcard mailings to branding cannot be overstated, and even if the entire card is not read, the subliminal effect of repeated exposure conforms to the advertising concepts used by TV advertising and the principle of repeated emailing to list members in online marketing.

5. Using Junk Mail for Leads

Postcard marketing enables you to make use of your junk mail to get leads. You can use the return address as one lead, and you might also find other addresses inside the envelope. Perhaps you have been sent a chain letter which immediately gives you a list of addresses. You are meant to send the top address money and add yours to the bottom of the list – instead, send them all a postcard! “Wish you were here – making money like I am! Here’s How!”

Such people have already indicated their interest in making money, so are good contacts for you to target. Others may be from individuals marketing their own home businesses. Each of these is a potential lead and one more target for your postcards. The vast majority of the population are unable to throw a postcard away without scanning their eyes over it, and then it is up to your abilities of persuasion…

Getting a Response from Postcard Marketing

Before anybody will respond to your postcard, they must read it. That means it must stand out amongst all the rest of the mail they get. OK – no envelope: that’s a great start. Use a bright color in bold to make your offer, so when your recipient shuffles through the junk mail yours stands out. Who can resist a free gift, particularly when they may achieve 100% success? It costs them nothing so what have they to lose? Or maybe a discount or some other offer.