Stop Reading This Article

If you have come to this article to know how to grow profits, how to get more customers, how to make internet sales, you have come to a wrong place. Stop reading now.

If you love your business, if you are passionate about what you are doing, and you are keen to know what is marketing, so that you can use that knowledge and use your passion to grow your business, then read on.

Before I venture into defining marketing for small business, let me say this. Defining marketing is like defining your ideal life partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Each of us will have unique ideas.

I am here to help you come up with your own unique idea. Let’s begin.

What Is Marketing

You are the best judge of your business. You deal with your customers every day, either online or offline.

You receive their complaints; you receive their compliments. You know what works and what doesn’t.

So use that knowledge to answer the one question. This one question has guided my all my business and marketing plans, and my marketing campaigns. This one question ALONE is worth thousands of dollars. Some people get it instinctively; others learn it the hard way through trial and error.

That question is:

Why do my customers want to buy my product or service?

Try to answer that question. That question will give you a good idea of what you are selling. And this takes us to the question of this article – what is marketing?

I have an MBA in marketing, preceded by a commerce degree. I was taught many definitions of marketing, including the one by the father of marketing, Philip Kotler:

“Marketing is the set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchanges.” (Book: Marketing Management)

I will give you my definition of marketing. But before that I need to give you my definition of business.

To me, business is helping people.

And marketing is making those people aware that you are there to help them.

I know it is a very simplistic definition. But as someone once said, the best things are always simple. And this definition is also a practical definition that you can use almost immediately to get results.

Here’s how. Go back to the previous question. Find out why your customers buy your products. The answer to this question will show you how your business is helping your customers.

Now use that knowledge to define your market strategy. To reach out to new markets and build on existing markets. Use it to define your marketing mix.

Use it to come up with a business idea. Use it to do your marketing research. Use it to even come up with your own definition.

Once you have done this, read some Marketing Basics to get clarity.