Another mobile phone marketing strategy is mobile web marketing, which revolves around the concept of mobile websites. These websites are different from those that are intended for desktop interface. Mobile websites are for mobile phones, specifically smart phones such as iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry, etc. You can use such sites as effective marketing tools.

These two strategies are what several businesses include in their marketing campaign alongside those online marketing techniques and methods. Now, another facet of mobile marketing in the form of QR marketing is starting to get a lot of attention and approval. Perhaps you can explore this new opportunity whether you are marketing online or through mobile phones.

QR Marketing: A Quick Overview
Before understanding how QR marketing basically works, you have to learn about quick response (QR) codes first. The said code is somewhat a barcode but it’s more than that. It’s actually a two-dimensional (2D) code or, as what others would put it, a matrix barcode. Certain QR barcode readers are used to scan and read such types of symbols. Some camera phones especially those with a QR code reader application installed in it can read those codes too. Another huge difference between one-dimensional barcodes and those QR codes is the amount and type of data they can store. It’s obvious that QR codes have more capacity for data than barcodes. Moreover, those 2D codes can be used to pull up a variety of information (text, URL, product information, phone numbers, SMS, music, photos and videos) online.

Now, onto the mobile marketing aspect, QR codes can be used in promoting your site, products, services or anything involved in your business. Many have already called the process QR marketing and considered it the fusion of image scanning technology and mobile web marketing. This is indeed a whole new breed of mobile marketing. As technology and the art of marketing evolves – from the idea of selling stuff over the Internet to the ability to send text message online to the chance of watching videos on phones and mobile devices – it’s apparent that QR codes and QR marketing has more in store for us.

Some QR Marketing Tips & Strategies To Explore
You may wonder how mobile marketing through the use of QR codes can help you in your business. Don’t you get it? Those QR codes are your customers’ transport vehicle from being offline to going online with the purpose of information. Specifically, you can go from print to the Internet in just a few seconds. For instance, you are a dentist and you want to market your services through business cards. Aside from the regular contact details like physical address, phone number, etc., you can also add your QR code in those cards. That code, when scanned and read by someone through his/her mobile phone, will link him/her to your website or perhaps a web page containing testimonials and customer feedback regarding your dental services. How nifty is that? Within just seconds, you have promoted your services beyond the information found on that business card. This increases the chances of people checking out what you can offer.

Another QR marketing example or another tip to use QR codes in mobile marketing is through a flyer or poster outside your store. For instance, you have a store that’s selling and marketing mobile phones and other gadgets. The QR marketing tactic here is to stick a large poster on your store window. One part of the poster may be some sort of announcement. The other part should be a QR code huge enough to be noticed and scanned. That will link mobile phone users to a discount card or promo code that they can use when purchasing in any of your stores. If this isn’t a decent mobile marketing technique for you, then what is?

There are other QR marketing strategies worth exploring. With mobile marketing like this, people can get instant information useful to decision-making even if they’re on the road and don’t have a laptop with them. Furthermore, you don’t have to pull up your mobile phone’s web browser and type a URL or use the search engine box because once the QR code is scanned and identified, you will be able to access the details embedded in that code just like that. It also helps that you can freely and easily generate QR codes yourself. Just search for those convenient QR code generators online. Some can also be downloaded. So are you ready for this budding marketing phenomenon?