Are you generating the maximum amount of leads? Frankly, even if you advertised to millions of people, there is still room to grow and improve. One way to hone your marketing skills, increase your online niche and acquire new clients, is by generating marketing leads. Now, anyone who is reading this article is quite familiar with the world of e-marketing. You’ve done your homework and have dedicated a lot of time and effort to becoming a stellar marketer. However, you just haven’t been able to create enough buzz about your product and that is exactly what network marketing leads do.

And now, without further ado, here are five ways to increase your marketing leads and get started on increasing your clientele.

The first tool is Craigslist. Due to its popularity as an online selling service, Craigslist receives millions of daily visitors. You would think that with such a large amount of traffic, internet marketers would have realized that it is a gold mine for e-marketing. But, their lack of knowledge on the potential of Craigslist will serve as a benefit as you learn new online marketing strategies.

Here’s how it works. When people use search engines such as Yahoo or Google to find a product, they are often lead to Craigslist. A well-placed advertisement will capture the attention of those people and can generate hundreds of network marketing leads. And because of the variety of products available on Craigslist, it is possible to expand your advertising reach to new markets.

The second e-marketing tool is Ezines. Ezines are small magazines or newspapers that are distributed through e-mail. Because Ezines require a subscription, they cater to more specific audiences. Therefore, a wise marketer will use this form of e-marketing to advertise a product to potential clients and fellow marketers.

The third e-marketing tool is eBay. Now, before you roll your eyes and totally dismiss eBay as merely an auction website, you should know that it also serves as a search engine. With the amount of traffic on the website- close to 80,000 visitors per day-, it lends itself to being an ideal breeding ground for new network marketing leads.

You can choose to auction off a great product and place an ad for $0.20. It is probably best to auction something that doesn’t cost much but can be of great value. Some examples include books or music. Anyone who places a bid on your product will also see your ad, which creates more awareness for your business. Your auction on eBay works twofold. It increases your network marketing visibility and allows you to make some extra cash.

We’ve discussed e-marketing tools that increase your viewership. Now, let’s discuss a method that also establishes you as an authority among other internet marketers. Many people believe that good writing skills are exclusive and only reserved to a talented few. That is a false assumption that can cost you several free leads.

A writer invests a lot of time to craft a witty yet informative piece. While that process can be daunting and exhausting, the rewards make it worthwhile. The article writer is seen as a guide by others. As a writer and internet marketer, your peers turn to you to learn ways to generate marketing leads. Their readership creates traffic for your website and if you take the opportunity to advertise your product, you can generate leads while teaching people to do the same.

A major advantage of writing is the lack of monetary cost. Writing an article is free and you are only limited by your time management skills. Internet marketers who want to establish their own pace and serve as mentors should consider becoming article writers.

The last network marketing tool that we will discuss is Pay per Clicks or PPC. PPC services are the most efficient way to generate marketing leads. Contrary to other marketing devices, they advertise products to very specific audiences. And those audiences are chosen because they are searching for the product online. However, internet marketers should be wary of the cost of PPC.

In order to establish a strong network marketing presence, you need to utilize all the e-marketing tools available to generate free marketing leads. These leads will help increase your clientele and promote your products. However, the most important thing you must do in all of these strategies above is offer values and solutions to their challenges within their life and business.