Inbound Marketing practitioners and executives must embrace and follow consistent search engine marketing management practices when investing in social media marketing.

First, marketers must make sure that their business objectives are well defined. They need to clearly understand the fundamental goals that their organization needs to achieve in order to flourish.
Next, marketers must define the inbound marketing objectives that will help in achieving the fundamental organization goals.
Then, they must determine the key performance indicators or success metrics and know that they will use to measure performance against their stated marketing objectives.
Impression Attribution leverages unique technology that connects marketing impressions across the Internet to subsequent behaviors and conversions that occur on a marketers’ main website, whether users directly click from those assets to the website (click-through) or visit the website via a different channel (view-through).

The solution, in turn, attributes credit to those impressions. Marketers can then comprehensively analyze impressions, click-through activities, attributed conversions, attributed sales, specific pages viewed, time on each page and site, how many employees of a particular company viewed your site, forms completed, document downloaded, and more.

The solution offers unmatched analytics capabilities, including advanced segmentation, filtering and grouping capabilities; access to a rich set of metrics; ability to report on marketing sources, content preferences, products purchased; and asset attributes such as genre, size, designer, and purpose.

The relative newness of social media marketing is both a challenge and an opportunity. On one hand, marketers cannot afford to underestimate the power and potential of this vast and global phenomenon.

At the same time, they can’t afford to simply throw money at social media and hope they hit the jackpot. Like any online marketing endeavor, social media marketing needs measurement to excel. But certain characteristics of social media marketing-the prevalence of impression-based messaging and the “soft” cultivation of brand and reputation-defies quantifiable measurement by basic, off-the-shelf marketing tools.

As you chart your social media journey, be sure to fully comprehend the many nuances and complexities you are bound to confront along the way. Focus on quick-hit payback, but not at the expense of long-term viability, or with shortcomings that can compromise your efforts. Though its growth has been rapid, social marketing is still relatively new. The time is right to get it right the first time.

If you are a business owner trying to understand the keys to improving your social media marketing, hiring a competent and credentialed Hubspot search engine marketing management consultant is one way to save you critical time and effort, which you could apply to furthering your vital business processes.