SEO article mistake: forgetting to put your target market first

When you start to focus on search engine optimization, it’s easy to forget that you need to consider your target market and put them first. If you lose site of your customer’s needs even the best SEO will not help your business to grow. Make sure that you write useful SEO articles that your readers will love.

Why is SEO article content so important?

The main reasons people search online are:

=> To find information
=> To find a product or service

That means that if you want people to find your website, you need to provide them with relevant content using the language they use when they search. And if you want the search engines to list your content on the first page of search results so that your target market can find you, you need to incorporate keyword phrases into your content, titles, and descriptions so the search engines know what your articles are about. If you do things the way search engines like your target market are much more likely to find your articles than those of a competitor who doesn’t bother to include relevant keyword phrases.

What can you learn from this to make your SEO articles effective?

Even if you have amazing content and a beautiful site nobody will be able to find it if you don’t write your content with SEO in mind. When you write your content, you need to focus on providing informative, quality content for your target market without neglecting to please the search engines. You need to think about the words your potential customers will use when looking for answers to their questions and include those words in your article title and in the article body. For best results you also need to include a few word variations providing they make sense.

SEO article titles

Always write your article titles for humans rather than search engines. Tweak the title to make sure you include the most important keyword phrase that relates to the article and aim to find a way of including relevant keywords in the body of the article while delivering on the promise of he title.

Make sure you write really informative articles and weave in important keywords that relate to the article title. Your SEO Articles need to read well, inform, and be written around keyword phrases that your target market use when they are searching online. When you write for humans and include relevant searched for keywords phrases your articles will eventually be listed on the first page of search results providng you also work on getting links to your articles.

But your articles will quickly disappear into the crowd if they aren’t written around searched for keyword phrases. They do need to be search engine friendly, but they also need to meet the needs of your target market. When you are writing SEO articles, put your customer’s needs first and you will find you articles ranked with the cream of the crop.

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