SOLIS has now made its grand entry into the markets of Guadeloupe Islands, which is a great destination for agro-tourism. This move boosted the agricultural activity in the island, as SOLIS delivers its world-class equipment for increased agricultural production. SOLIS has also entered the southern Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is primarily an agrarian economy with over 10% of GDP coming from agriculture. Providing customized tractors for agricultural diversification and efficient farming, SOLIS is making its mark in the Caribbean market.

All of this has been made possible by the consistent and collective efforts of the people at SOLIS, who make sure that they keep coming up with new and practical solutions to solve problems faced in the agricultural sector. SOLIS has been attending world famous exhibitions, reaching out to investors, new target groups and displaying the best of their products. It would be safe to say that the road to success is never ending and SOLIS has just begun!

The built-in advanced features result in a long life in fields. These tractors are built to last and give you support in difficult times. It can convert all your manual power into mechanical power. Also, it saves you time while providing top-notch performance, be it cleaning up your private farm, removing snow, or performing several farming activities with precision.

Any tractor can be a significant investment, so making a wise decision will always become beneficial for you and your farms. Solis compact tractor can do what a Big tractor can’t with a smaller price tag. These machines are fuel and cost-efficient, which gives you more than its cost. It is the perfect all-rounder to carry out tasks with comfort while costing a little of its maintenance and producing abundance with the help of its ergonomic excellence. Solis assures you of total satisfaction and gives you conviction with clarity while you go to buy Compact Tractors.


Industrial expansion has transformed across centuries with greater efficiency. From the mid nineteenth century Industrial revolution till now, science and technology has modified a million lives across the continents. Farming was a specific field that could retain indigenous methods for a while, but with the rise in population and a subsequent rise in demands of the growing population resulted in the ditching of traditional methods for much more technologically powered ones.

Rise in the farming advancements ushered in an era of agricultural magnificence. International Tractors Limited (ITL) brought in a new wave to this upsurge through farming excellence through the best of efficient tractors. Sonalika and Solis, the two major innovative wings of ITL have contributed to the farming innovation with great zeal. Equipped with functionality and technical support, Solis tractors, in particular, has transformed the dreams of farmers into reality. With a wide array of champion tractors for the field, Solis tractors ranging from 16 hp to 125 hp have simplified the lives of millions of farmers.


Designed for the most effective composing farming, SOLIS Narrow Trac (NT) Series is equipped with the synchromesh transmission that enables it to perform effectively, ensuring ease of operation as well as power productivity. The low turning radius of 3.6m is one of the specialties in its technology, which enables a wide array of tasks within minimum spaces. The three-point CAT-II attachment and high lifting
capacity of 2500 KG makes the SOLIS N series even more efficient and suitable even for wider spaces. Best suited for narrow farms such as vineyards and fruit orchards, 
SOLIS tractor NT Series is currently available in two horsepowers, i.e., 16 and 125 HP, and are named N75 and N90.


Solis Tractors is the third largest tractor manufacturing company in India and the sixth largest globally, uses high engineering technology in their machineries to suit the demands of future farming Tractors for Sale .  They come in several ranges, each specializing in various technologies such as Hydrostatic Transmission (HST), which enables easy transmission between speeds and high traction. Known to manufacture zero defect products, SOLIS adheres to quality standards and commits to maintain its renowned versatility in performing agricultural as well as maintenance tasks. Be it composed farming, narrow track farming or large fields, SOLIS has customized technology for every farm. Intending to become the best agri-tech machinery producing company in the world, their products ensure ease of operation for power productivity.