Mobile Marketing is a huge source of potential traffic, customers and profits for your business, but still quite untapped. But over the next three years it is expected that more than half of current Internet users will have access to the Internet via mobile phones and other handheld devices. Mobile marketing offers a very personal kind of interactivity to build relationships with potential customers. It is not just to bombard people with sms text messaging marketing. mobile friendly websites and mobile applications that advertisers can reach a much larger goal. The statistics are pretty convincing, and competition in the mobile sector in direct marketing is still relatively small. The growth in mobile customers The whole world is a 4 billion people with cell phones. In fact, it is almost five times more mobile than computer owners and the owners, especially home-Fi ready.

Garner IT research firm, predicts that over the next three years nearly half of Internet users today have access to the Internet via mobile phones and other handheld devices. “There are opportunities for mobile transactions to grow as users of this and previous studies indicate that they wish to use their phone to buy more goods such as books, music, travel services, utilities and household electronic appliances, “said Rush City CEO, KF Lai. This is a very global trend. recent study surveyed 1,798 BuzzCity’s mobile phone users in America, Asia, Africa, Western Europe and the Middle East, and showed that 90% went directly to purchase products or services via mobile phones. The trend toward mobile marketing It is not really surprising that the rapid growth of technology marketing and emerging networks of mobile media, rich and social media. Just do a search on some of the popular keywords for internet marketing and home of the online industry to see how these methods are adopted with enthusiasm by the sellers. Unica has released its “State of Marketing 2010” The results of the latest global survey of marketing and there are some surprising discoveries. The investigation revealed that “Nearly half of the merchants interviewed have already adopted the social media marketing, and adoption is healthy in most social media like blogs, Facebook and Twitter. However, sellers must think about integration of the media to other social marketing tactics. ” Despite the rapid increase of the potential audience, “Mobile marketing is a relatively new practice. The phrase describes the marketing on or with a mobile device such as a mobile phone using WAP or SMS to communicate between company and customer.

Mobile marketing is growing in importance with more than 30% of retailers surveyed already use some form of mobile marketing and many other sources of information magazines (and the services available to support them. However, mobile advertising has increased over the past 1-2 years (nearly 100% in the United Kingdom), despite the economic downturn. The total is quite low compared to Internet advertising, which last year was higher than that spent on television. However, the Mobile Marketing Association suggests that growth in mobile marketing is likely to accelerate as cell equipped with new technologies, including mobile broadband has become ubiquitous and changes in consumer behavior. The vendor response marketing is not far behind.

For example, has recently launched marketing campaigns DIY No phone that can run from the comfort of a desktop computer. YouTube made big changes to their mobile web presence and began to incorporate the ads through its mobile site. How to take advantage of the mobile phone market Every business must continually look for new ways to approach and touch their attention to their customers and build new opportunities. And mobile marketing may just be the golden ticket. Your mobile user is constantly lit, impulsive and willing to interact with the drop of a hat. Who would not want to take mobile marketing? It is the ultimate direct response tool. Mobile marketing, you might say, is perhaps a bit more public in captivity. When someone has the phone in hand and to download a page, which are much more committed than in a web-based office. It is a tool much more powerful response directly to the Internet. Conversions of mobile web marketing e-mail is five times higher. And, of course, competition is much lower, because no one really knows yet. So, what changes do you need to do in your business to attract mobile customers? Well, first make sure your site is mobile friendly, especially if you are sending SMS Text Messaging with active web links to the moving contacts. There are plenty of reasons why this is important, but especially by mobile environment is a type of impulsive and immediate, so you want the recipient to be able to follow the link and go to a page quick and helpful.

Consider the subscriber on your email list might read their messages on their phones. So you want to keep your key message and the link “above the fold ‘to use a newspaper term. To clarify: when you access mail from a mobile, sometimes longer it is truncated so put your link earlier and remember the rules for securities convincing. But even as SMS, the mobile user should be able to click the link at the invitation of the action in the e-mail and highlight the top right and then your phone’s browser. Opportunity to visit the site once they returned to the computer are much smaller. Google is actively hunting for a decent mobile site that works for the results of research, because this is a great source of income for them if their users are satisfied. There are not enough mobile sites out there. Then, learn how to create a mobile version of Google-friendly site and immediately superior to that of a normal desktop. There is a wide range of solutions for their mobile user-friendly Web page. These range from simple and inexpensive as adding a little code to add to your WordPress blog to a decision more complex and costly to create a website for mobile communications full and complete.

Getting your site indexed by Google in the mobile search engine? Google has a mobile site differs from the usual maps site maps. Check out their webmaster tools to help. And to get you listed in Google Local business listings. Google is a way to build a page of mobile destination instrument. It works best for brick and mortar business, but it’s all good web presence. Google knows that people look differently at their cell phones than they do on their desktop. In fact, they have a specific tool for mobile search keyword. Not a bad idea because this index in place all the different search engines use algorithms for mobile search. Another thing to remember for mobile text ads short, like the cabin-style social networking. Opera (one of the mobile browsers), statistics show that 41% of people who access the mobile Internet are social networking on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter. These nets are closely related and together as a tool, so that these ads should work together. By automating the process of selling SMS To add a phone box to your web entry form if you currently capture your visitors names and e-mail. With a list of numbers, you can unlock your mobile power direct marketing by sending automated, programmed or SMS text messages to your subscribers. Internet Marketers have known for years the money is linked to your e-mail list. As mobile marketing is triggered, it is likely that your phone list will be the gold standard. SMS has an incredible rate of 97% open – and usually in the first 5 minutes of receiving the message. Marketing is powerful! If the “AutoText” replaces the answering machine has a business strategy for radical change? Early adopters ALWAYS make more money. So, mobile marketing and see what difference it can make in your business.