Marketing needs to be leveraged, affordable and deliver a return on investment which is why internet marketing for small business can be a successful strategy.

The issues with many forms of marketing is firstly expense. Newspapers, radio, magazines, leaflets for example can be expensive and do not always deliver results.

Secondly is targeted. Advertising is not necessarily targeted with a laser focus on your market. That may be unless you are targeting all accountants and advertising in an accounting journal for example.

Thirdly is leveraged. With much advertising you are unable to turn one piece of advertising content into many. Mostly it is one throw-away attempt. if you don’t hit the mark you miss badly.

Internet Marketing for Small Business Allows

Businesses to target their market quite specifically.

Targeting is a key to online success and nowhere is targeting a specific market as easy as it is online. You can research your market, what your market search for and then write specifically to target that market. You can deliver your content online where your market is. You can engage with your market using social networks.

Business to market effectively and affordably.

If marketing is bringing your market to you placing your business in front of the searchers in the market certainly would be the first step. A well optimised website with a sound SEO strategy is an effective and affordable way to place yourself in the sight of your market.

Business to Leverage Marketing Tools

When a business writes a blog post it can be recorded as a video. The audio can be stripped to become a podcast. The article can become a pf and be shared on document sharing sites. Each piece of content article, podcast and video can be optimised and distributed online. Each can be posted onto social networking sites to encourage engagement.

One piece of content turned into many blasted to the market via different marketing channels is leveraged.

The Way Forward for Small Business Marketing

Small businesses don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on branding and advertising. They just need a marketing strategy. The best marketing strategy when the budget is tight or the focus is on return on investment rather than brand – is internet marketing.

An affordable, well optimised website, stocked with frequently updated fresh content.

An SEO strategy and social media strategy to place small business directly in front of their market in an engaging way.

Direct response copy to encourage readers to take action.

These are the things that targeted traffic are made of and conversions are built on.


Strategy begins with knowing your market. This isn’t about age or location. This is about problem. What problem does your market have?

What do people with that problem search for? This is the first step to keyword research.

Where are people in that market searching? These are the places you need to be seen.

Why should people with that problem listen to you?

What do you have to offer they can’t get anywhere else?

Answer these questions and you start to build a strategy. Connect the dots between your website, the searches and how your market behave online to develop a clear strategy that will work for you business to drive targeted website traffic to you.