Online marketing encompasses a variety of strategies that can be used to develop customer relationships and build brand awareness. The Internet provides endless opportunities to share product or service information. However, it is best to determine which strategies are best suited for your needs.

The secret to achieving online marketing success is conducting research. Doing so allows the opportunity to fully explore each strategy and how it can affect your business. Once appropriate methods are determined the next step involves creating a business marketing plan.

One important aspect of marketing plans is conducting adequate market research. Companies need to understand the wants and needs of their target market, as well as the type of marketing campaigns they prefer.

Another consideration is how consumers access information. While computers are still the number way to access online information, many consumers are now using cell phones to receive and send emails, browse the Internet, and receive advertising messages.

Mobile marketing is a relatively new advertising medium that is anticipated to witness explosive growth over the next few years. It is estimated nearly 20-percent of consumers use handheld devices for Internet browsing. Companies that fail to embrace mobile marketing strategies will potentially lose out on capturing their market share.

Before integrating mobile marketing it is imperative to become educated about Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Sending marketing messages to those who have not requested information can quickly label a company as a spammer.

Companies should be cautious about making false claims; especially when advertising health and wellness products. Non-compliance can have dire consequences including fines, legal expenses, or loss of business.

Podcast marketing is a favored online marketing strategy that can be used in a variety of ways. Business owners can use podcasts to provide product infomercials; share company insights; present interviews with industry experts; or develop unique Internet radio shows.

Podcasting is an affordable way to share product information and marketing messages. The secret to success is consistently publishing new podcasts to develop a dedicated following of subscribers. Loyal fans will eagerly share podcasts with others and help companies expand link building efforts.

Online video marketing is an exceptional way to develop customer relations and build brand awareness. However, business owners must first determine viewing habits of their target market. As mentioned earlier, many consumers use cell phones to watch online videos. It is important to format advertising videos for ease of viewing while keeping bandwidth requirements to a minimum.

A very powerful online marketing strategy is that of article marketing. This venue grants businesses the opportunity to earn the reputation of industry expert. Companies often neglect article marketing because it is a time-consuming practice that requires a fulltime writer. It can be beneficial to work with freelance writers well-versed in SEO techniques.