The argument for Peripheral marketing in B2B

If water is to wine then marketing in Business-to-Business (B2B) environment is the same as marketing for Business-to-consumers (B2C). Some would say marketing is marketing and whether marketing to consumers or to businesses, you’re still just marketing to people. Right?

Well. Lets take a deeper look at both sides of this marketing coin. Before we go for the dig, a recap would help. The traditional method is used by Marketers to entice us into buying products by utilizing advertising channels such as TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital. These campaigns including promotions, giveaways and discounts. Lets not forget about the power of branding. Then there is online marketing, which works with the power of key words and quality content. When combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can ignite brand authority for businesses within the diverse range of online avenues. Because every marketer has been using the same techniques, the channels have gotten quite cluttered and that is where Peripheral Marketing comes to play.

Starting with the industrial manufacturing market place, Where in some cases the niche market for a specific industry sector can be small. That it encompasses a hand full of companies that has the capacity to create or offer particular products or services and vice versa. With a Multi-step buying process, the sales cycle can belong and involved. Converting a new prospect to buying customer is designated to the sales and marketing department for building engaging relationships through brand expertise, reputation and “word of mouth”.

Now the results of B2C marketing on the other hand is a single step buying process with shorter sales cycle. So short that if you don’t blink fast enough you just might miss the big sale and the gratification pulse is almost instant. The consumer field is 6 billion strong and counting… as we speak. Campaigns are brewed to entice consumers into instant impulse buyer with the magical incantation of repetition and imagery of brand status, desire and price. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am obviously a consumer myself and God knows nothing will suffice but my Mac.

So the questions that all these popular methods conjure up and forces to ask is: how marketing can merge all these different methods to one consistent application that creates engaging conversations with other businesses. That establishes new relationships and potentially increasing sales. Now isn’t that the bottom line.

Marketing today is heavily focused on ranking businesses high on Google and being optimized to pull business customers from every known and unknown corners of the online universe. Without a doubt, a brand awareness campaign is dependent on a robust online strategy. After the exposure what next or should be next?. How does a business now start to meticulously sharpen its focus on a desired business target, at the same time carving relationships online and offline. Even more so how do we start to convert online and offline marketing strategy to be more utilitarian in duplicating the effectiveness of “word of mouth” for building and expanding on experience, business and brand reputation.

These are the arguments for peripheral marketing. So what is Peripheral marketing you ask. It simply explains itself as the title suggests. A logo or a product used by an actor in a television show is an excellent example. The show itself is the primary focus; however, a strategically placed logo on a shirt worn by one of the main characters can be an effective use. Peripheral marketing takes a less direct approach by placing advertising and or product placement on the periphery of life and events. Letting it speak for itself while being Subtle in promoting company’s product or service.

In 2010 Adidas launched a star wars inspired commercial which went viral on you tube, starring the likes of David Beckham spotting Adidas. The campaign had very little focus on the Adidas brand than it had on the scenery, on the event and on the story being told. But it got it’s plug in the minds of many and even went viral. Here is a link.