Advancements in business technology have greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of email marketing solutions. We have become so used to email marketing that we sometimes forget the great benefits it has for businesses. Here is a quick reminder.

Can you remember how difficult lead generation was before email? The endless cold calling and environmentally unfriendly letter send outs that also sent the marketing budget sky-rocketing. Email marketing solutions have radically reduced marketing budgets, tightened the control of marketing departments and massively improved the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have played an important role in providing marketing teams with strong data through marketing automation processes that free up the marketers to direct their attention on managing the email marketing campaigns.

The speed of marketing email send outs, almost instantaneous, also enables large quantities of customer feedback to be rapidly received. Existing customers may well respond to enquire about a new product or service advertised in the email or on the company website the email directs them to. Whereas new leads reaped from retargeting processes may register a general interest, either directly or by clicking on media and banners on the website.

Costing far less than the hard copy adverts of old, marketing emails can incorporate a wide range of media, including video and audio files, which grab and hold the attention of readers, enticing them to stay awhile and hear the message your company has to deliver.

Making the email content as dynamic as possible may also move recipients to forward the marketing email on to colleagues, partners and clients, effectively extending the scope of the email campaign. This introduces new professionals and companies to your business, thereby generating fresh new leads.

One excellent form of media to include in a regular marketing email is a company newsletter, perhaps featuring a message from your CEO. Business relationship building is crucial and can be strengthened by making marketing emails seem more personalised.

CRM systems can help with tailoring marketing emails to the likes and preferences of the recipients based either on their customer history or on the banner clicks and media viewed on your company website. This improvement in data management and categorisation has had an extremely positive impact on the effectiveness of email marketing.

Combine these benefits with how environmentally friendly marketing emails are compared to the letter mailings of yesteryear, it’s clear how indispensable email marketing solutions are in the ecologically conscious business world of today. It’s hard to remember a time they weren’t available.