Mobile Marketing is a way of delivering your marketing message to a prospect or existing customer via their mobile device. A mobile device can be a smart phone, PDA, cell phone, or even a tablet like the ever so popular i Pad. No matter the device, Mobile Marketing is an extremely cost effective and fun way to reach customers. When people hear the term Mobile Marketing, they automatically think of Mobile Text Marketing. Even though Mobile Text Marketing is one of the most popular facets of Mobile Marketing, it’s not the only way to deliver a marketing message to a mobile device.

Mobile Marketing tactics include:

• Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) – A way to send text messages that include pictures, videos, and wallpapers to consumers on their mobile device.

• Mobile Applications (APPS) – A software program that can be downloaded and used on a handheld device, typically a smart phone, is considered a ‘mobile app’.

• Location-Based Marketing – Allows you to interact with consumers on their mobile phones. Popular Location-Based companies like Galloway and Foursquare TM offer the opportunity for consumers to interact with brands in a fun way. They include Geo-games, Check-In Applications, Location-Based SMS, and others.

• QR Codes – A QR Code is a simple bar code that can provide information and offers for smart phone users. Usually a QR Code is placed in a print advertisement, direct mail piece, or even a business card.

All of these marketing tactics are great; however, Mobile Text Marketing offers numerous superior advantages. Over 90% of the US population owns a cell phone compared to only 30% who own a smart phone. MMS, Apps, and Location-Based Services present a challenge to non-smart phone users. However, nearly every cell phone user is able to send and receive a simple text message.

95% of existing mobile contracts have text message capabilities

Text Messaging has a response rate unlike any other medium. In fact, 97% of text messages are opened and 90% are read within the first 3 minutes of being received. By utilizing a simple SMS Text Messaging campaign, you can:

• Reach 95% of mobile subscribers on both Smart Phones and Non-smartphones
• Reach consumers you have not engaged with recently (customer retention)
• Acquire customers who did not know you existed
• Monetize interactions through incentive offers
• Drive sales through coupons and deals as SMS text messages are the 1way consumers want to receive coupons

Mobile Text Marketing also has the ability to reach homes that do not have a traditional landline as over 22.7% of homes use a cell phone for their home phone. It’s easy for consumers to welcome Text Messages, because they are not viewed as SPAM, and they opt-in to start receiving messages from companies and brands they know.

The benefits of implementing a Mobile Text Marketing campaign are endless, but here are a few that standout.

• Cost-Effective: Mobile Text Marketing is much more affordable than other expensive forms of Marketing like SEO, Advertising, Direct Mail, Yellow Pages, and more. Text Marketing offers a low-cost solution to the business owner who wants to reach a wide audience simultaneously at the push of a button.

• Higher ROI: Since consumers almost always have their cell phones with them, they are quicker to respond to marketing messages that appeal to them.

• Deliver ability: Over 90% of Text Messages are open and read in less than 3 minutes after being received. No other medium comes close to this incredible delivery rate. When more consumers are seeing your message, as long as it’s relevant and appeals to them, they are more likely to take action on your offer. Consumers prefer to receive coupons via text.

• Mass Reach: The ability to reach a large group of people at one time, to deliver your marketing message increases your chances of getting consumers to take the action you want them to take. This action can be to make a purchase, visit your location, or call your establishment for more information.

• Easy Integration: Mobile Text Marketing can be easily integrated with your existing Marketing efforts like Social Media, Direct Mail, Email, TV/Radio Advertising, and more.

• Simplicity: There are no technical skills required. Mobile Text Marketing offers an easy tracking interface so you know exactly when your message was sent,who’s responding to your message, and most importantly who’s making purchases as a result of your Mobile Text Marketing efforts.