Internet Marketing is also well-known around the world today as “Online Marketing”, “Electronic Marketing”, “Web Marketing” and “I-Marketing”. Simply defined as a kind of marketing of products and services over the World Wide Web, Online marketing continues to bring impact to the global media. Online marketing is effectively done through selling products and services via wireless media such as landline and cell phones, e-mails, blog sites and even social networking sites. Online marketing is also done through the use of “Electronic Customer Relationship Management” or ECRM systems. Marketing through the internet is a work of all the basic technical and creative aspects of the World Wide Web which includes development, sales and designing.

Online marketing also refers to the alternative type of media placement done through using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), marketing strategies classified under the “Web 2.0” program as well as banner advertisements and “Customer Engagement Cycle” management. The New York Times published an estimated quantity of user data from Internet-based companies around the world in 2008. According to the publication, about four to five types of company website interactions gained a number of advertisement hits from online marketing networks. Online marketing is commonly associated with five business models. The models are the following:

• “Blackhat Marketing” is a form of online marketing which allows the employment of affiliate marketing offers from ingenuous methods of web traffic drives. The methods used in Blackhat marketing are commonly found in spam advertising and SEO result pages.

• “Affiliate Marketing” is a web marketing process which allows a particular product or service to develop a single entity in targeting active clients or sellers with regards to sharing of profits. The entity of the product or service can provide several marketing materials such as affiliate links, tracking facilities and sales letters. Majority of affiliate marketing strategies or methods came from e-commerce business programs and its affiliates.

• “Local Internet Marketing” allow small online advertising companies to utilize the use of Internet in building marketing relationships worldwide. An example of local internet marketing is making use of social media tools, online promotional strategies and directory listing for local advertisers.

• The “E-Commerce” online marketing model is where promotional goods or services are directly sold through “B2C (Business to Consumers)” or “c2c (Consumer to Consumer)”.

• “Lead-Based” online marketing comes in an organizational pattern that regulates marketing value by obtaining sales leads from online advertising sites.