Careers, job opportunities, vocations, and ministry are all ways in which we as individuals search for personal fulfillment. All of these are productive activities in which we can apply our talents interest and passion. In society today, the purpose of dedicating yourself to a job, career of vocation has been misrepresented.

It is a common response when you ask some one why they are in a particular job, or have a particular career, that their choice was because of money. People find jobs they like for money, and people stay in jobs they don’t like for money.

Many who propel their lives with this ideology find a void in their lives. Money is a great way to measure the value you generate to society but is not an end in itself.

Money is just a tool used for measuring the amount of value you bring to peoples lives. As a business owner you can generate value for your clients by offering them solutions to their problems while building communities of dedicated professionals.

It is easy to see why business owners make a lot of money, because they bring a lot of value to those around them.

Solving the problem of discontent or dissatisfaction with your job or career could be as simple as redefining what you do or you can look for personal fulfillment in something else.

One common mistake people do when searching for professional fulfillment is being self employed. When you become self employed you are your own accountant, manager, labor, customer service, sales department, loss prevention, and attorney in some cases.

People go in business for the love of the service and value offered to others, not necessarily for the love of all the paperwork involved with it.

There is a solution for those looking for personal fulfillment that does not involve the investment of buying, starting or operating a traditional business.

The solution lets you focus your time and energy on what is most important and that’s generating value for people, without having to worry about all the overhead.

Does this sound too good to be true?

It isn’t and the solution has helped millions in many different forms.

The solution is Network Marketing.

Why Network Marketing? – Network Marketing has developed into a billion dollar industry since its humble beginnings in the 1950’s. Amway and Avon, together, are worth almost 20 billion dollars and many other companies gross between 500 million and a billion dollars yearly as we speak. The reason is not simple but can be broken down.

First and most superficially, the business model makes sense and this is the first reason why Network Marketing works. Why Network Marketing works is because Network Marketing companies cut out all the advertising and offer the people referring their product or service the money instead.

Simple enough right? I mean, the traditional corporate companies throw up millions of dollars in the air (in forms of advertising and middle man costs) and expect it to rain down customers. Does this work, OF COURSE! But wouldn’t you rather have a chance to make money doing something you are going to do anyways, which is refer a product!

Isn’t it human nature to refer something when it is good? YES! Isn’t it conscientious for a company to offer you money for this? YES! And that’s why Network Marketing is a solution for many problems! Besides, how many people know about the gecko that offers car insurance and don’t buy his insurance?

The second reason why Network Marketing works is a little deeper. People throw money away in afflictions for the purpose of being a part of something, or having something to talk about with their peers.

Seldom is the opportunity where their much adored affliction pays them with something other than a good way to pass the time and that’s usually only where gambling is legal.

When people are introduced to the Network Marketing opportunity either they see that the business model makes sense or they join for this second reason.

They see an environment where goal oriented professionals meet and celebrate communion in a healthy positive and upbeat environment with the plus side of being able to make an extra buck. While many people spend most of their day at a job with only evening television programming to look forward to, Network Marketing offers people the opportunity to get out, meet and celebrate life with friends while making more friends and making an extra buck!

The Third reason why Network Marketing works is because it’s based on a social revolution dating back to ancient times. The wisdom of our fore fathers still resonate in the culture of Network Marketing, as they spoke words of liberation among the oppressed and those subjugated by Pharos, Cesar’s other god kings and their governments. They spoke their wise words which has at the heart of the message the UNMEASURABLE VALUE OF THE PERSON and sent out the liberated with the words, “go forth and make disciples of the world” and so two by two, they went out and their liberating message is carried out by those still committed to this mission.

This is why Network Marketing works.

A mission that speaks to the person and tells him/her that their is no reason why you should feel like you aren’t allowed to be fulfilled as a person. People are attracted to Network Marketing because they feel encouraged by, not only the message, but by the example leaders in the industry demonstrate in service of one another.

Network Marketing offers, without regards to their race, color, creed, nationality or economic situation, the opportunity to achieve their dreams through a vehicle that is meant to provide the financial means and the personal growth for an equal platform for everybody.

This opportunity and its concept attracts the most committed and sincere servers of humanity. The leaders and leadership of the many Network Marketing companies are truly committed to the success of the people that marry their lives and dreams to the industry.

Is there bad people out there taking advantage of others that make people ask why Network Marketing has a bad rep? Yes.

Is any industry, charity or organization free of rotten apples? NO!

The reason why Network Marketing has a bad reputation is far from objective and is nowhere close to reality.

The bursting of the real estate bubble and the victimizing of the subprime markets by mortgage companies is exponentially worse than all lawsuits in all Network Marketing history put together. What Bernie Madoff did in the securities industry is exponentially worse than any bad rumor about why Network Marketing has a bad reputation. I’ve been in the construction industry for over half my life and all the things I’ve seen makes Network Marketing seem like Zion.

– The causes for these problems eludes to a greater cultural problem that many Network Marketing companies are dedicated to fix through responsible consumerism.

So why Network Marketing has a bad reputation? I can’t be sure but I can give a pretty good idea. It may be because its unconventional. It’s weird for people to see so much positivity and generosity.

It’s weird for people so depending on their jobs for financial security and only have their jobs to fall back on (so much for security) to see that others are brave enough to live and fight and hurt for a dream or a purpose.

It’s weird to many that so many people will get together and cheer someone on that isn’t wearing a football helmet.

Misery loves company and when you are up in the clouds some one down on earth is eager to reach for your leg and drag you down with them.

All the bad news about Network Marketing comes down to rumors of a lawsuit or a cousin that lost his shirt because of a company. Aren’t there lawsuits in any business? You should be afraid if you were to here that there is no such thing as lawsuits in Network Marketing. Who would want to sue somebody who doesn’t make any money?

Network Marketing will continue to grow and flourish as more product companies find that leveraging people and their relationships at a share in the profit is the best way to establish their brand, especially with the availability of social media that has refined free advertising.

As a manufacturer, would you like to pay 1 million dollars in media and advertising for the chance of getting customers or would you rather pay a commission for every product sold without having to gamble with your money? Yes, a bird in the hand beats two in the bush. And this is why Network Marketing is so attractive to many business people.

Not all Network Marketing companies offer you the same opportunity. Some offer massive bonus’ for recruiting and sell you the dream of one day having enough residual volume in your organization to be able to receive a worthy retirement. Network Marketing companies that serve this model are companies that offer telecom or energy services.

The reason why most in those companies don’t ever make any money is because there is very little residual paid out and qualifying for that small percentage is tough in those companies. – the lure of people getting paid for something they are going to do anyways, which is pay a bill, does not stand in the face of reality when IF you qualify for the residual, it is pennies that are being paid out.

Other companies offer a product through a binary compensation plan which is great for professional recruiters and marketers but it is very difficult for your average Joe to make a buck.

The most profitable companies offer the personal development and an environment that allows you to succeed, probably not in the Network Marketing company you are in but through the interaction with those involved in your company you become a better professional and more effective as a person. This takes years of building and growing with those in your organization.

Every rare once in a while there comes along an opportunity with the right product, right direction, right ideals, and the right compensation plan that shows exactly what the ownership is thinking. These opportunities are few and timing is of the essence. So the famous saying goes, the t in timing is bigger than the t in talent.