Network marketing is all about leads. No MLM or network marketing company can reach the pinnacle of success without having a good, solid base of leads. Thanks to internet marketing, marketers have discovered many new and exciting ways to generate abundant prospects.

The following are a few interesting techniques by which network marketers can create free leads for their businesses:

1. Video Marketing: It is a relatively new and innovative way of going about obtaining network marketing leads. Video marketing is a blend of conventional advertising techniques and digital videos made accessible through several video hosting websites. The scope of video marketing is rising considerably as different internet marketing companies work their way to create appealing advertising campaigns in order to secure free leads.

2. Blog Marketing: This involves marketing through weblogs. Despite video marketing being a newer and more popular marketing tool, blog marketing has achieved rapid success and is used by millions of network marketers globally. Blogs have turned out to be among the most infallible mediums to spread word about a product/service, and therefore, boost leads.

3. Social Networking: Social networking websites are proving to be the perfect channel for marketers to find free leads for their MLM businesses. By joining sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube that have become all the rage now, network marketers meet a lot of new people. By joining various groups online, marketers are likely to meet several like-minded people and prospective clients. Network marketing leads can be acquired when network marketing aficionados share their knowledge and provide product/service information on such websites.

4. Article Marketing: For those network marketers having a penchant for writing, article writing has turned out to be the most promising way to produce free leads. By writing a bunch of quality online articles, marketers educate their potential and existing customers about the features and advantages of their offerings. Marketers can also update their website with exclusive and updated information to not just attract new visitors, but also to convert existing buyers into loyalists.